Dragon Boat: Sightseeing team building through Berlin

Together even rowing against the current is easy! And a dragon boat rowing team building in Berlin will be a very special experience. With motivation and teamwork, this dragon boat company event turns the boat tour into a team development in which nobody goes overboard.

Dragon Boat Race in Berlin!

The traditionally red and golden painted ships come from the Asian region. Dragon boats are about 12 meters long and are rowed with paddles. A team of about 10-20 people can sit in one boat. While the helmsman in the bow keeps the dragon boat on course, the drummer strikes the tack to which the team rows. Together they ensure high speeds during this outdoor training.

How does the boat tour in Berlin work?

Guided by trainers, who don’t just tell sailor’s yarn, and equipped with waterproof clothes, the boat race can finally start. The team building event „Dragon Boating“ in Berlin requires every team to operate the oars at the same time. Just like working in a company, it is important to make progress together at this Dragon Boat Challenge in Berlin, because if everyone puts their team motivation and team spirit into the belts, you move forward. The Dragon Boat Team Building is provided with a picnic or barbecue during small shore leave.

What pay do the sailors get for team development?

The team develops its own group dynamics and team spirit during the Berlin Dragon Boat Race in order to reach the finish line first. The team building Dragon Boat Racing requires disciplined cooperation and communication from the team. In the context of the sporting challenge – because the boat trip is a team sport – the team is sworn into each other.

Sightseeing Berlin from the deck of a dragon boat

The unique environment of the Berlin city center makes the Dragon Boat Team Event unique. A boat trip across the Spree shows beautiful, unfamiliar sides of the city. On the way, you can visit not only the Treptower Park but also the government quarter, the Zoo and other sights.

Driving a dragon boat requires courage and dynamism to be able to provide the necessary coordination in a team. So: Let’s go to the oars and off to Berlin!

The Dragon Boat Team Building Berlin at a glance

F1: In a Boot
The team event of the Dragon Boat Challenge is an excellent basis for team building that increases the motivation of the employees and creates a team spirit. The Dragon Boat Tour is ideal for incentives, company celebrations or company trips.
F2: Sporty on the go
The Dragon Boat Regatta Berlin is a pure team sport – a wonderful opportunity to get some power together. Movement and activity define this company event on the water – whether in the lunch break or at the end of a long day.
Berlin offers a variety of possible routes for dragon boat races. If you ask in Berlin on the course past Oberbaumbrücke and Treptower Park or in the picturesque surroundings of Berlin on Havel or Dahme dragon boat team building events are possible.
F4: Team training
The fun making dragon boat trip leaves team spirit behind. The Dragon Boat Tour offers beautiful views and a team building effect that nobody forgets so quickly. Everybody has to take care of his team members so that nobody goes overboard and the lifebuoys remain untouched.

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