Team Buildings and Team Events

At ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building Events the focus is on togetherness. On the one hand, there are the carefully selected and carefully coordinated event modules and elements which – on the basis of the event concept and the communication message – decisively determine the quality of the encounter communication.

The „togetherness“ is also a central motive for the participants: because one thing makes the difference between team and group: „Groups“ represent accumulations of individuals – mostly for reasons of extrinsic motivation. Teams, however, pursue a goal, for whose reaching the team members use themselves in the teamwork. This cooperation is then called „functioning teamwork“ – or interaction.

May we introduce: Team Buildings & Team Events by and with ZUSAMMENSPIEL:

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building-Chain Reaction

KPMG Team building with ZUSAMMENSPIEL-chain reactionThe team members have a common mission: They set up a chain reaction. This structure is a complex giant machine (watch the video!) – and the construction a big deal. Promised: This weatherproof team building event can be held in any imaginable event location, in any place! In the Giant ZUSAMMENSPIEL chain reaction, the team processes its individual themes and content around the company and its products, as well as the people and values ​​that make it up. Many clients appoint the ZUSAMMENSPIEL chain reaction to king class of the team events. After a click on the button, you will get an idea of why…

About the „Chain Reaction“ team building

Cooking event in ZUSAMMENSPIEL-KitchenLAB

„Too many cooks spoil the broth,“ laments the vernacular. But who wants broth when there are roasts? During the cooking events in the KitchenLab, the teams experience vividly and tastefully a multi-layered collaboration that unfolds: It’s about a multi-course menu that requires the coordination of ingredients, flavors, and corresponding wines. Team spirit is the decisive ingredient during this team event so that everything stays cool during the cooking event. Team spirit is the key ingredient in this team event to keep things cool at this cooking event while the heat is on. Everything else is taken care of by our chefs and cooking-enthusiastic moderators and coaches.

To „KitchenLab“ cooking event

Thrilling GPS city rallies as Geocaching Team Building

Geocaching Team Building is a special outdoor event: The team has to solve puzzles along a course in teams during the team event. The GPS scavenger hunt is literally about stick and stone. What does geocaching offer as a team building event, incentive or company outing? We answer these questions on the following pages. Learn more about geocaching variants, GPS devices and possible venues and event locations. The GPS rally is a modern form of the well-known scavenger hunt - but the integration of state-of-the-art technology turns the traditional game into an interactive online game.Everybody wins with the Geocaching Team Building – the modern version of the „scavenger hunt“ like a GPS rally. With the support of GPS devices, teams move along exciting routes and solve tricky tasks. Because they have a mission, and in order to fulfill this mission, the team has to communicate with each other and collect pieces of information to solve the puzzle. The entire team continuously pulls together in this team building so that everyone can find their way. There the team expects the deserved reward.

10 missions for Geocaching Team Building Event

Soapbox Team Building


Foolhardy guys and even more foolhardy ladies work together against time during the soapbox event. The first step is to construct the team’s own racing machines from the soapbox kits. But „Form follows Function“ – not only driving ability plays a role, but also design and layout of the racing cars; because these should not only transport their drivers, but also certain contents concerning the team. The entire team must agree on how it would like to interpret these contents on the individual vehicles. After successful completion of the unique soapboxes, everyone rolls to the starting line for the joint challenge – because ONE team is responsible for achieving the best time together: Get in. Cheer. Push … and in a wild ride, the soapboxes rumble towards the finish line during the team event.

To the „Pimp my Soapbox“ team building

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Event -Tape Art – the art with the tape

Tape Art is no art. Or is it? Because Tape Art has advanced from a street art trend to an independent art movement. The special thing about team building measures and art with adhesive tape: with Tape Art, impressive results can be conjured up in a team without special previous knowledge. The handling is very simple – no art in the truest sense of the word. What results from this team building is large in size and impressive – in the meantime, a number of employee artworks decorate the premises of their companies.

To the „Tape-Art“ team building event

Film Event with ZUSAMMENSPIEL-Stop Motion PIX

There are many film events. However, the results are often – to put it nicely – not very presentable. It simply doesn’t leave a pleasant memory when colleague Müller squeezed himself into a role during the last team event that simply didn’t fit him.

It’s certainly a lot of fun to stand in front of the camera, but there’s also a lot to discover behind it: Stop Motion is a technique in which photographs bring characters to life. Do you know Wallace and Gromit? Exactly! In the team building Film Event Stop Motion PIX, the team quickly learns the basics of animation. And then it’s on to production, editing, and soundtracks. Click here for the StopMotion video for GE Healthcare:

To the „Stop Motion Pix“ team building

Exit the Room & Live-Escape Games: ZUSAMMENSPIEL with Thrills

The task at this team building event: Escape the Room. Locked in a mysterious room and the clock is ticking! Tick! Tack! You have to leave the room before the time is zero. But how?

To the „Escape the Room“ team building

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building-Action Art

ActionArtAction painting freaks. Jackson Pollock developed an unusual form of painting: Action Art. Colors are sprayed on large-format canvases, buckets are knocked over, poured out, hurled and whatever else comes to mind. We thank „Action“ Jackson Pollock – the nickname with which the star was also celebrated beyond the art scene – because the Action Art team event has a lot to offer. Whether Action Art is beautiful, lies in the eye of the beholder. However, one thing is certain: no other form of painting is as much fun as the collective creative mind freeing team building with Action Art.

About „Action-Art“ team building

Robot Dream-Team


Building robots are only for scientists? Wrong! Under our guidance and with sufficient teamwork your employees can also build robots. It is less important for us to have a high technical standard than to promote team building between your employees. Even if we „only“ work with LEGO® Mindstorm elements when building the robots, this team event is a real challenge: Without motivation and functioning communication between the participants, the tasks cannot be solved.

To the „Robot Dream Team“ event

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building- Pixel Production

The Pixel-Production team building event is the perfect supporting program for meetings and conferences. Participants receive individual pixels, which have to be fixed in the right place on large screens. It’s not that easy not to lose track in this anthill of pixel producers. Within the team, communication and teamwork are required in order to gather the relevant information. During team building, coordination between the participants is required in order to place the individual color dots in the right places. Team Building Pixel-Production enables giant mosaics for small and large teams – you determine the resolution.

To the „Pixel Production“ team building

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building-Labyrinth-Challenge

teambuilding-team-labyrinth Orientation is essential in teamwork. The team event in the giant labyrinth presents the participants with the challenge of finding their way as a team in a large-format maze and to communicate and develop solutions without direct contact. For large teams, this team building measure is used at any time of year and can be carried out as an indoor and outdoor event in any event location that offers space for this challenge. For small teams, this outdoor format is used as a team building event at exclusive locations in Germany and Austria. Here ZUSAMMENSPIEL arranges complete team days – if desired from the journey, an inclusive overnight accommodation and the development of an activity course around the team. You can see more in the video on ZUSAMMENSPIEL Labyrinth Challenge.

About the „Labyrinth Team Challenge“

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building-Cave Tour

It’s good to chit-chat in the dark?! At least you can explore the earth from below on a Cave Tour during a team event. As a team, we go deep with helmets and protective suits. The fascination of the cave is of original nature: In the history of mankind, caves have not only provided shelter, security and hiding places for religious cults and gangs of robbers, but today caves are also special places: Beyond daylight and the world of sounds, interesting observations can be made in teams in addition to smells and rock formations.

To the outdoor adventure event „Cave Tour“

Raft-Building Team Event

Raft construction holds its pitfalls: good teamwork, communication, planning and project management are in demand. Our experienced trainers and moderators guide your team through these shallows and give impulses in the right direction. The materials available vary depending on the team and the task at hand: everything is possible, from rafts from barrels to giant Viking boats. We would also be pleased to individualize this raft construction for you. So the team members can dedicate themselves to your individual topics and process these in their construction.

„Outdoor Raft Building“ team event

Team Building in a canoe


The progress by canoe on different waters through largely untouched natural landscapes represents a special team experience: Keeping your balance together, taking your rudder into the cool water, enjoying snacks in the moored boats or picnics on green meadows –  under the open sky and the curious looks of the cows – … Whether as a team-building incentive or company celebration, company outing or company event – the trip on the water can be carried out in teams of up to 250 people by raft or canoe. The guided day and weekend tours can also be organized as GPS rallies or outdoor team building adventures.

To the „Company Outing Canoe Tour“

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building Team Survival Days

What is more cohesive in team building than the common challenge – especially when it comes to survival. This outdoor team building exercise takes the team out into nature for a few days without a mobile phone but with a gas stove and sleeping bag. It could have been so great if the participants hadn’t been relieved of their luggage. Far away from civilization, with nothing but their clothes on, the team has to take over tasks and make decisions at forks in order to provide themselves with the most necessary things before nightfall. But until then there are still some surprises lurking behind the curves…

About the „Team Survival Training“ team event

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building-”Sail Away Event“

Sailing is almost synonymous with teamwork: Sailing tours for company outings and other company events have not only been popular since the studies on high-performance teams based on investigations in the „Alinghi“ sailing team. The symbolism of commands, knots, and cabin as well as the experiences on board turn sailing events into team building and team training par excellence. Whether in northern Germany on the Elbe, North or Baltic Sea or in the south on the Chiemsee, the Ammersee or in front of the fantastic alpine scenery of the Bodensee: Set sail with your crew! Train your commands and set sails and … oh, there they were again, the sailing metaphors.

To the „Sail Away“ team building

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team Building-Incentive Team Days

Communication, project management, and time management – three indispensable areas that your employees should also be able to master in their sleep.

In our Team Days format, which lasts several days, we impart well-founded, in-depth knowledge in order to be able to master everyday working life better and more effectively. In addition to classic team building workshops, or other formats can also be used on request. In this way, we convey content multidimensionally and can ensure you a higher learning success.

About the „Incentive Team Days“ team building

Team buildings for excellent interaction in small and large teams!

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Discover the team building ideas:

Team building: How a colorful group becomes a real team!

To trust each other, to help each other, to work together at eye level – that’s what makes a strong team. The way there: team building! Because: From every colorfully assembled group a well-rehearsed team can be formed with a „we“ feeling. And that’s exactly what team building is all about. We organize a team-building event for you in which the focus is on togetherness and team spirit. Together with your colleagues, you will achieve a common goal – this is how team building works!

Cooking workshops, geocaching, chain reaction – team building is multifaceted

The magic word: Teamwork! Team building is essentially about nothing more than goal-oriented cooperation. It doesn’t matter which goal you pursue together. Our KitchenLab is a popular team building event – not without reason. Because when your freshly prepared gourmet menu is served, you can enjoy it together afterward – that is also part of team building! Those who prefer it action-packed will certainly enjoy geocaching. Equipped with a GPS device, you can take your teammates across the city. The goal: solve tricky tasks and win the reward! Ideal for team building, isn’t it? The king class of team building is the chain reaction. If you are now thinking of dominoes or marble tracks – far from it! At this team building event, you set a much more complex chain in motion. Still too abstract? Then take a look around our website. There you will find a video introducing this team building event!

Sometimes creativity is also required for team building

Tape Art means: to create real art from filthy adhesive tape. In order to create a common work, the participants must not only work together but also communicate with each other and put themselves in each other’s place – skills that play an essential role in team building as well as in everyday work. Those who prefer to experiment with bright colors can let off steam in Action Painting. The emphasis in this form of team building is clearly on the action: instead of brushing on paint, it is blotted onto the canvas, thrown or even shot – team building can be as playful and imaginative as it is! If that’s a little too hectic for you, we can recommend shooting your own cartoon: Here the team jointly produces a real animated film with stop-motion technology. And no matter if horror film or romance – the effect on the team building is the same.

A tough challenge: survival training as team building

A whole weekend alone with colleagues in the wilderness. Without mobile phones or other modern gimmicks – that’s what survival training is all about. This kind of team building means: to be able to endure a lot – but to do so, it also welds the participants even closer together. Of course, we also offer other possibilities for team building outdoors: whether sailing turns, labyrinth challenges or canoe trips. Have we aroused your interest in team building? Then simply contact us – by telephone or contact form – and we will make you a non-binding offer.

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