Cooking event in Stuttgart: Cooking courses for company events

Cooking courses and events in Stuttgart: We cook with teams of any size during company events, company outings or team trainings.

Experience cooking = Team building à la carte

Cooking events in Stuttgart are versatile: No matter whether team building, company outings or baking cookies at Christmas as a promotional gift for customers – when cooking as a team it is similar to love, which is also known to go through the stomach. If required, we send our star chefs directly to companies and offer a mobile cooking show that successfully supports the company event.

Cooking as a team welds whole teams together and reveals commonalities. By slicing ingredients, serving menus and decorating dishes, a relaxing atmosphere is created which is characterized by collegiality and friendship. Our chefs – awarded with a star if desired – moderate the cooking event in Stuttgart and ensure that the group members are enveloped and stimulated by culinary scents and aromas. This form of cooperation leads to a completely new view of the colleagues.

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The most important facts about cooking events at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building

Experience cooking as a team: Gastronomic excellence with team building character

Cooking is creative and requires a good team: during the cooking event the individual employees can observe their own behavior and discover completely new sides to themselves and their colleagues. Cooking is a successful surprise with which a department head or company boss can demonstrate creativity and care for his employees.
Kochen als Team

Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event
As all cooking events in Stuttgart are offered in English if required, international teams can be easily integrated. Whether it’s an anniversary celebration, a company outing or a workshop: a cooking event at KitchenLAB can be designed according to your personal ideas. In addition to our menu suggestions, you can also submit your own ideas, which can be extended with optional additional services.

Experience cooking in Stuttgart can take place not only with colleagues but also with business partners. Culinary delights in a relaxed atmosphere at the cooking event strengthen the bond and strengthen existing business contacts. Whether it’s a barbecue course, three-course meal, finger food or tapas evening: the design options for cooking events are just as varied as the characters in the company.
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Experience cooking in Stuttgart: discover regional differences:

Every region in Germany has its own unique dishes. Frankfurt is known for its green sauce, Cologne for its „Halven Hahn mit Kölsch“, Bremen and Hamburg for fish dishes, Münster for tots with kale and Stuttgart for its Maultaschen. Cities such as Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Cologne also impress with their very own creations.

We like to go into the regional cuisine. Our team cooking courses can be arranged according to your wishes. Above down-to-earth rustic or haute cuisine and sophisticated: A cooking event in Stuttgart is always personalized and adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

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At the cooking event the team expects:

  • Greeting with a champagne reception
  • Three-, four- or five-course menu as desired
  • Beverages like an aperitif, wine white/red, water, soft drinks, coffee, beer)
  • Moderation and seminar management
  • Expert service personnel at your service
  • Rent of the premises (including final cleaning)
  • Recipe folders for menu
  • Provision of rental aprons during the cooking event

Customer feedback on cooking events in KitchenLAB:

The event was really excellent. Very good food …. Very nice location …. Could not be better…

Martine Put
Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson)

The cooking event was carried out with great enthusiasm and motivation of all participants and was a great success.

Dr. Oliver Burkhart
Autoflug GmbH

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