Cooking event in Mannheim: Cooking courses for company events

Cooking courses and events in Mannheim: Cooking as an experience for teams of 5 to 250 people during company events, company outings or team trainings.

Cooking event in Mannheim: Adventure cooking with cooking courses for teams

Take a pinch of humor, a good quarter of curiosity and a portion of commitment. Combine these ingredients to a homogeneous mass until a real team is created during the cooking team building.
Cooking is passion and anyone who does something with passion and love likes to go beyond his own limits. All this is possible at a cooking event.
While company outings used to be regarded as light entertainment, today they are the perfect opportunity to get to know colleagues on a new level. Also in the context of various meetings in cities or conferences, such a team building event offers itself excellently.
The advantage of communal cooking is obvious: it is neither a sporting challenge nor does one need to be particularly familiar with the city. On the contrary, at a cooking event in Mannheim, you can get to know the special features of the city a bit better by culinary means.

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The most important information about team cooking at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building

Why book a cooking event in Mannheim?

First of all, the cooking team building focuses on a sense of community. In addition, at cooking events in Mannheim, it is of course also important to discover the regional, hearty cuisine. After all, what would a Palatinate cuisine be without a pig’s stomach with sauerkraut? Or the dirt of Mannheim! A sweet specialty that can be prepared as a dessert at the cooking event. There are truly many culinary treasures to be discovered that whet the appetite for more and in the end, turn colleagues into teammates.
Course participants are welcome to follow the paths of star chefs. After all, the three-star chef Juan Amador had his restaurant in Mannheim for a very long time.

Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event

What to expect from the cooking events in Mannheim?

Team building plays a very important role in many companies today. Anyone who decides in favor of cooking team building can look forward to a varied and exciting day. It will be hot and some soup will boil over.

But at the end of the cooking event in Mannheim everyone will just be happy and indulge their palate friends.
To be able to participate in the cooking events in Mannheim, you have to book in advance.
A champagne reception, the three-course menu and the moderation and rental of the rooms are included. Beyond that, still many further achievements expect one.
The cooking event in Mannheim can be booked over
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These services are included:

For experience cooking in Mannheim, our basic package includes the following services:

  • A champagne reception
  • Three-course menu (starter, main course, dessert)
  • Beverage lump sum including aperitif (wines, soft drinks, water, beer, and coffee)
  • The room rental including final cleaning
  • Seminar administration and moderation
  • Service personnel
  • Recipe folders in the German language are ready for ideas for cooking and remembering
  • Participants receive a rental apron during the event

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