Labyrinth Team Building

Trotting through corn labyrinths is too boring for you? For us too, that’s why we developed the team building format „Team Adventure Labyrinth“. An action-packed Team Event Game, where your employees have to find a way out together. Fun and action lead to a fast learning success of your content at this team building event.

Let’s take a closer look at the TeamAdventure Labyrinth Team Building:

What is the idea behind the team event concept Labyrinth Team Building Adventure?

Labyrinths come in many forms. Whether as Outdoor Event in the maize field or Indoor in nested aisles. However, sending people through labyrinths was too easy for us and resulted in too little learning success for the participants. So the Zusammmenspiel team building creative team decided to give the Labyrinth Team Building Adventure a bit more pep. Solving tasks together – without really seeing each other – is the real challenge at this event. Communication and collaboration techniques are trained in an abstract environment, making it easier to transfer them into everyday working life.

At which company events is the Labyrinth Team Adventure Team Building Event used?

The team event format Labyrinth Team Adventure is flexible. The most important thing is what kind of labyrinth we should construct for you. Corn labyrinths are of course locally bound. However, we can also design a transportable team building labyrinth of any size for you. So this team event can be organized at any place and also extend existing concepts. By individualizing the Adventure content and the Labyrinth design, it is also possible to integrate it into almost all areas of team building, communication training, project management, and collaboration. Also as an Incentive, you will impress your employees with this format.

What is the procedure of the Labyrinth Team Building team event?

The participants will be exposed individually or in small groups in the team building labyrinth. From there they have to find a way out of their misery. However, on the way to the outside, challenges await. It’s not possible to solve it alone, therefore interaction becomes necessary. Interpersonal communication, even face-to-face already a treacherous affair, becomes a real challenge due to the spatial distance – just like in a company. The participants of the team event are expected to come up with unusual solutions. Without thinking „out of the box“, no team will succeed here. And this is precisely what makes it so exciting and interesting from a team-building point of view.

How do team members experience the Labyrinth Team Building event?

Exposed in a labyrinth and no idea what to do – Have you ever felt this way in your company? This team event trains your employees to solve exactly such situations. Where do I get information from, which contact persons do I have and how do I approach a task at all? Your employees have little time to reflect on your projects in their daily work. At the Labyrinth Team Adventure, they learn solutions in an explorative way and process them more effectively.

How do large and small teams interact with the Labyrinth Team Building?

On their own, everyone remains in the labyrinth. That’s how easy it is at this team event. The common goal can only be achieved through communication and functioning collaboration. This is no different in the company. The good thing about this is that team building is not about finding scapegoats and there is no threat of company insolvency in the event of failure. The goal is to get everyone in the same boat. And in a playful way, this works much faster and more effectively than in „real“ projects in everyday corporate life.

The effect of the Labyrinth TeamAdventure team event

The Labyrinth Team Adventure event exposes the participants to a certain creative uncertainty. They make experiences through discoveries. It is important to transform uncertainty into safety and fun. Only in this way can a real learning process take place and resignation be avoided. Our trainers accompany your employees on this narrow level. In this way, the fun and learning success of the team building event is maintained.

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