miniWE – Bringing dolls to life

Doll building and puppetry – creative together

The team event miniWE gives the magic of the collective animation of figures and objects artistic impulses to organizations. In a three-stage process, the participants go through a common journey of co-creation with doll building, doll animation, and direction/storytelling.

The participants build their own figures, the so-called Mini-WEs, from simple objects and materials of everyday life (or materials of their companies). Then they get to know the principles of puppetry and get to know a new team spirit from the individual object animation to the Bunraku puppetry and the collective animation of objects: Through storytelling and the joint directing work, their stories will then be breathed life into them and „leading“ and „being led“ will be experienced in a completely new way.

In the fast-moving era of digitalization, analog moments of collaborative creation are created and participants learn to find a common breath. This intensive artistic experience will then be reflected together and transferred to the everyday business life or the project.

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2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



– Team building
– Communication
– Teamwork

Animus – the breath in business

Animus means soul, but also breath. This is important if the doll is to be animated realistically and fluidly. You can become thoughtful: What is our common breath in business? In the team? is there such a thing? And is it clear to everyone? Where is our focus – on our own department or on the overall picture?
The metaphoric of the figures also allows the team constellation to be presented authentically and elegantly in a model-like manner and the playful approach enables the figure to find its own solutions for the team’s better common work.

miniWE – flexible solutions for corporate and team events

At the miniWE Team Event, we have a scalable approach that guarantees intensive moments for small groups and leads to an exciting ensemble of miniWEs for large groups of over 50 people.
Depending on the sector and situation of our clients, individual communication concepts are created on the basis of our many years of artistic experience. The final performance can optionally be accompanied by the world-famous DUNDU doll ensemble.

Video of the miniWE dolls Workshop

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