Raft Building Team Event

Gemeinsam ein Floß bauen und gemeinsam ein Floß fahren – das sind die Aufgaben beim Teambuilding ZUSAMMENSPIEL Floßbau
Building a raft together sounds easy, doesn’t it? And what about setting sail as a crew with the self-made raft without sinking? Here is where the real adventure begins. Raft building is a practical challenge for any team, and the design of the raft no big deal. At least when doing this with us, ZUSAMMENSPIEL team building.

Let’s take a closer look at the Raft team building event:

A functioning team building has a formula for success.
What’s the concept of the Raft Building team event?

This team building event has its challenges: positive teamwork, communication, planning and project management are necessary in order to get away only with wet feet and set out for new shores successfully. Our experienced team of trainers, moderators, and boatbuilders from Lake Constance assist your team. We provide the appropriate tools and materials for building the raft. From barrel rafts to Viking boats, the sky’s the limit. At the classic Raft Building team event, the participants build rafts from tree trunks or barrels and different kind of wood. Teamwork, expedient solutions, innovation capacity and also manual skills are crucial to the achievement of the common objective and your employees learn important lessons for their daily work.

What type of corporate events is the Raft Building team event for?A team building event enlivens conferences, meetings and workshops. What is even better, you can invest in team development measures, once the team has come together at one place without causing travel expenses.

The Raft Building event is feasible from April to October, anywhere where there is water and for teams of 5 up to 500 persons. For bigger events, we can combine the raft building with a regatta or overnight accommodations in giant tepees or yurts and create an exciting social program for you, depending on the occasion.

The Raft Building event is suitable for the following occasions:

  • Team building events
  • Measures for HR and team development
  • Training for leadership, communication and project management
  • Measures for incentives

The schedule of the Raft Building team eventAccording to the agenda different time frames are available. We have different formats and most event ideas may be varied in duration.

This team building event starts with a big bunch of material, that the participants transform into something great by means of teamwork. After a short introduction, the teams enthusiastically test and find out what the different materials are used for. Our trainers guide your employees giving them ideas, still, creativity is required. The participants often build better rafts than in our drawings and as soon as the raft is built and ready the participants set sail together. Some turn around to touch up, others enjoy the sun and their success. But nobody is left behind. In the end, the joint success stands above all else.

Your individual Raft Building event Every team is unique. But this does not mean that every situation in which the members of the team find themselves is, too. There are 4 distinct phases of team development and we adapt the team building event to the team and its situation. Sense of achievement within a team is the best basis for a positive team culture at all hierarchy levels.

We are happy to individualize the Raft Building event for you. That way your employees can process the different topics of their everyday business or preceding workshops.
What about a raft with your corporate colors and logo? Our creative team creates an individual offer for you. If you want to put up your boat or raft in your company afterward, we can also arrange the transportation.

How interaction works at our Raft Building event Team building events can achieve a lot, like building a new team, strengthen an existing team, developing a high-performance team and rewarding it at the same time.
Building a boat or raft does have its drawbacks and alone you will sink. That’s what lone warriors realize when setting sail.

The tasks can be realized freely, which helps to form structures within the team, whereas self-management is crucial at the Raft Building team event. With the right guidance from our ZUSAMMENSPIEL trainers, you will achieve team building in a fun way. The common project and the success of it will become the team’s top priority. Thus, transferring the things learned in the abstract environment of the raft building to your employees’ daily business is a piece of cake with our concept of experienced-oriented learning.

The effect of the Raft Building team eventbetriebsausflug-aktivitäten-aktion-spiele

The participants of the Raft Building team event learn important lessons for good teamwork. With pauses for reflection and short panel discussions, they will realize strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative aspects of their actions in a playful manner. Our trainers will help them see the similarities to their daily work. As a result of this approach, the transfer into praxis is more likely and your employees will become team players who know what they are able to perform together.

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