Team Building Events in Switzerland

Team events and team building throughout SwitzerlandTeam building and incentives are not always the first answer to the question of what Switzerland is known for and popular for. Spontaneous associations are rather: the Alpine panorama, the crystal-clear lakes, high quality of life, large financial metropolises and small rural villages, reliable watches as well as chocolate and cheese – to name just a few aspects. Swiss Army Knives have saved lives for people and teams all over the world, and the movements made in Switzerland are the epitome of precise collaboration and perfection – important symbols of teamwork.

However, companies have discovered a completely different side of the Alpine republic – fantastic teambuilding events can be held here. Why? There are many reasons for this! Due to Switzerland’s high international standing, many large and small cities offer a well-developed infrastructure and excellent transport links. The conditions for hotels, restaurants and event locations – indoor and outdoor – are ideal. In Switzerland, we offer a wide range of event formats – depending on the goal and framework of an event.

Best accessibility for highest demands

Switzerland owes its great popularity for conferences, congresses and incentives in Europe to its central location. The 6 Swiss airports make it easy for guests to arrive, as many airlines from all over the world fly to destinations in Switzerland. The Swiss railway and the local traffic run like the famous clockworks and bring the guests reliably to their destination. The excellent infrastructure and transport network make corporate events possible both in the cities of Switzerland and in secluded private conference hotels and other special locations that are a little out of the way and seek exclusivity and a wealth of impressions. The 3 national languages always enable safe and friendly communication with international guests.

A voltage field with voltage arcs

During team building and team development events, teams get closer and learn what teamwork and communication mean in the company of coaches. Always in the work packages constricted: a large portion fun! At the same time Switzerland plays naturally always a role because where modern trend meets tradition, there is also off the Teambuilding paths much to discover. Anyone interested in history, culture, architecture, sport, and culinary delights will be in good hands in Switzerland with its many museums, medieval old towns, well-known sports facilities, and regional delicacies.

The Swiss-Effect:

The small nation in the middle of the Alps is not only a paradise for James Bond on the hunt for bad guys or tourists on the hunt for great photo motives: Switzerland also offers companies fantastic opportunities to let their teams benefit from the advantages of this wonderful country during team events.

Teambuilding ideas in 10 Swiss cities:

Below we have compiled an overview of team building and team events from B to Z – from Basel to Zurich. Inform yourself about creative team building ideas in Switzerland and find out which advantages the individual cities offer for company events, team events, and team building.

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