Team building Dragon boat Challenge in Berlin

Building and driving a raft together - an adventure for teams of all sizes. The rhythm of the team is given in the dragon boat race team building. The oars are evenly piercing the water. The decorated dragon boat lay quietly at the starting line until just before – only a tingling sensation was to be felt by the tension of the team waiting for the starting signal. But now the boat – and with it, the whole crew – comes into motion. The oars beat in time. And with increasing speed the resistance of the water decreases. The Dragon Boat Company Event in Berlin offers a tactful experience with motivation and teamwork, making the boat tour a fast-paced team event with no one going overboard.

What happens at the dragon boat race team building in Berlin?

The traditionally red and golden painted ships originate from Asia, which makes interesting intercultural references possible. Dragon boats are about 12 meters long and are rowed by a team with paddles. One boat can accommodate a crew of about 16-20 persons, but there are larger variants of dragon boats available. In addition to the rowers, an important task is that of the drummer, who synchronizes the crew like a project manager. In the bow of the ship sits the helmsman as navigator, who aims at the target buoy and makes the necessary course corrections for his team without losing speed. The engine is the team’s drive: Their motivation and the will to go full throttle. At the Dragon boat team building in Berlin, for example, everyone puts all their energy into racing over Berlin waters in their dragon boats – and running to top performance as teams.

The Dragon boat team building in Berlin at a glance


company outing duration1-6 hours

Event participant:

Company outings and events for large and small teams. ;-)5-50 persons


Company excursion destinationsTeam building Sightseeing Communication


company excursion-challengeCommonly fly a giant paddleboat

Location of the event:

Company outing locationOutdoor Spree, Havel or lake City & Country

Attractive packages:

Book company outings as a packageIn combination with an outdoor day

How is the process of the dragon boat team building?

Guided by trained trainers, who not only tell sailor’s yarn but also coach the crew in achieving their goals, using analogies and metaphors of the dragon boat race in the context of management and teamwork. Although everyone has his rudder, the crew pulls together. Just as in the daily work in departments, projects and other corporate phenomena, it is important to make common cause at this Dragon Boat Challenge in Berlin, to bring something forward, to invoke the team spirit, to manage resources, to bundle energy … and in the truest sense of the word to beat like clockwork in one beat. Because when everyone puts their strength, concentration, motivation and team spirit into the belts – or rudders – the team as a whole move forward. Aprospro’s energy: Of course we also take care of your physical well-being. As event catering we offer a variety of options: Buffet, menu, picnic or barbecue (with more than Berlin Currywurst 😉 – at the team building of Dragon Boat Race in Berlin everyone is well taken care of.

Which pay jumps out for the light sailors during team development?

The team develops its own group dynamics and team spirit during the Berlin Dragon Boat Race in order to reach the finish line first. Dragon Boat Racing team building requires disciplined cooperation and communication from the team. In the context of the sporting challenge – because the boat trip is a team sport – the team is sworn into each other.

Dragon boats in Berlin?

The unique environment of the Berlin city center makes the dragon boat team event unique. A boat trip across the Spree shows beautiful, unfamiliar sides of the city. On the way, you can visit not only the Treptowerpark but also the government quarter, the Tiergarten and other sights. Driving a dragon boat requires courage and dynamism in order to be able to bring up the necessary coordination in the team. How do you hear so beautifully in Pirates of the Caribbean? “…On deck you lame dogs! Men in the bream! Drop your sails and let the wind blow! …And take me to the horizon…” Quote from “Pirates of the Caribbean 1”
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