Gamification is defined as:

for winning teams –

and for those who want to become one.

Gamification has positive effects on motivation, willingness to perform and personal responsibility.

Through better tools for goal communication, progress control and feedback employees gain a higher commitment and work as a high-performance team.

Use proven concepts and gamification tools from ZUSAMMENSPIEL to celebrate success with playful ease .

Target agreements with OKRs convey meaning and provide clear orientation.

Personal goals

Define goals that employees understand and make sense of. This is how company goals become a personal matter.
You can always make adjustments: Use coaching and training - "In Class" or "On the Road" to ensure goal achievement.

Coaching & Learning

Training and coaching sessions tailored to your needs – workouts for mental muscles. With fun and motivation, the learning curve is rapidly ascending.
Direct feedback through dashboards and scoreboards enables progress and success control.

Feedback & Analytics

Direct progress control: Like a fitness tracker for working life. Knowing where you stand. And where the goal is.

What does Gamification offer for companies & organizations?

  • Gamification offers your company the opportunity to implement a modern and innovative management technique that sustainably strengthens the social and intrinsic motivation of your employees.
  • The use of structures and elements from the world of virtual games – such as aesthetics, design, and construction – makes it possible to achieve organizational goals in a playful way.
  • The result: internal company goals and work processes are made more motivating by the fascinating and immersive elements of successful games.
  • Using gamification as a method means for your company to recognize fun at work as a success factor.
  • Your benefit: Optimize external and internal processes and playfully increase productivity.
  • Gamification trains and expands the skills and competencies of your team in a playful and individual way.
  • In addition, you get a sustainable opportunity to organize collaboration and cooperation playfully and effectively and to improve internal cohesion and the working atmosphere.
  • Gamification offers your organization a method to implement innovations and changes efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • The team gains the opportunity to value the competencies and resources of each individual employee in the further development of the company.
  • Your organization unfolds extraordinary achievements with playful ease.

Gamification in practice – application examples according to industries:

IT and communication technology

benefits: performance & brand loyalty An international software and hardware manufacturer uses Gamification to motivate its in-house call center employees. Another industry giant uses Gamification to strengthen customer loyalty to its own brand.


Benefits: Customer loyalty A global automotive manufacturer is using Gamification Apps to increase customer loyalty. But also the reduction of accident rates through a reward system for safe and regular driving are methods of using Gamification Apps.

Health & Healthcare

Use: Target Monitoring & Tracking A large German health insurer wants to reward its customers with lower premiums if they provide information about sports and health activities via the Gamification app. Some Gamification apps are also intended to mobilize users and motivate them to a healthier lifestyle.

Public Administration

Benefits: Innovation management The U.K.’s Department for Work and Pensions promotes internal innovation processes through the collection of suggestions and ideas from its own employees. Processes are optimized and evaluated in a practical way.


benefits: customer retention and loyalty Kaplan University, an educational company, uses Gamification to promote the individual development of its students and a higher level of identification with the educational provider. In addition, language learning apps achieve great success with students of all ages.

Human Resources Development

Benefits: Recruiting The French postal service provider Formaposte uses Gamification to playfully improve the pre-selection of applicants or the identification and working behaviour of existing employees with the organization.
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