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business-coaching-training Executive development in training and coaching at ZUSAMMENSPIEL: How to become a strong executive You have been working in corporate management for many years and know the basics of your job. You already use a number of tools for successful leadership work. But your goal also includes constantly improving your actions, deepening what you have already learned and learning new techniques. The exchange with colleagues in comparable management positions is also a central concern for you. If all this applies to you, then you are in the best of hands when it comes to leadership development, training and coaching in ZUSAMMENSPIEL. We would like to show you which skills and competences you can score with as a manager. How do you motivate your employees? How do you give constructive feedback? How do you delegate tasks efficiently? How do you successfully conduct appraisal interviews? As a manager, how do you deal with critical situations in a solution-oriented way? We would like to develop these and more aspects of successful leadership strategies together with you. Our leadership development in training and coaching shows you how it works. Of course, fun, creativity and a wealth of variety are essential elements of the ZUSAMMENSPIEL workshops on “Leadership Development in Training and Coaching”. Sharpen social competencies and communicative skills. Modern, individual and success-oriented leadership development in training and coaching with ZUSAMMENSPIEL The fact is: With purely economic reason, no leader will be successful these days. On the contrary, the so-called soft skills are much more decisive today. This refers to key social qualifications that are indispensable for managers and which you can learn in our leadership development courses in training and coaching. Do you have a feel for the concerns of your employees? Do you recognize their potential? Can you supervise project teams accordingly? How can you integrate the ideas and competencies of your employees into your work processes? In executive development in training and coaching, you will learn step by step how to implement all this adequately: by means of role plays, workshops, and seminars that we offer you at ZUSAMMENSPIEL. Communication skills are also essential for successful leadership work: This unit of leadership development in training and coaching gives you a deep insight into different discussion strategies. For example, what can you do if conflicts arise in work teams? How can you also communicate failures gently? How does intercultural communication work?  Contemporary leadership development in training and coaching trains you on a holistic level. And for exactly this reason, goal-oriented leadership development in training and coaching is a sustainable investment that will pay off. Try it out!

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