A company event in Graz in Styria – everyone profits from it and can experience real joy in every respect!

A company event in Graz, which you plan and realize with our event agency in Graz, is literally a real “giver of opportunity”. Why? Because you as an entrepreneur, manager or executive as well as employees, customers and business partners benefit from it. And that in many respects:
  • With a Company event in Graz, you can help to integrate new employees more easily into existing teams. “Teams”, which have already literally grown together over a longer period of time, are literally revived by our individually conceived Team Building Events, by Incentives, by training, seminars, and workshops. New synergies are created and everyone gets the chance to be promoted and challenged. The aim of our corporate events in Graz is to increase commitment and the service portfolio by ensuring a successful interplay of conviviality, communication, support, and motivation. This is how our ideas for company events are truly “in themselves”. Experience it for yourself!
  • Company events in Graz, which you realize with our event agency in Graz offer advantages, especially to your customers and business partners. Thanks to our target-oriented, fresh ideas for company events, you always have the opportunity to inspire your business partners, inspire them and bind them to you in the process. Success-oriented synergies are what keep the “engine” for your company “running”. Support these positive developments and book your indoor or outdoor company events in Graz with our event agency in Graz. You will be thrilled!
  • With a Company event in Graz, you are not only doing something good for your employees, customers and business partners, but also for the company itself. Through the successful interplay of first-class ideas for company events based on your specific wishes and goals, you will achieve considerably better positioning in the market in the short and long term within the industry. You should not miss this chance, offered to you by our event agency in Graz!


You would like to organize an extraordinary company event in Graz? We offer you an incredibly wide range of company events in Graz. From social events in the form of company celebrations, anniversaries, Christmas parties, company outings or PR events to incentives, congresses, road shows or conventions, our portfolio of ideas is extremely diverse. Whether for smaller groups from 10 persons up to events with thousands of participants: Our friendly, competent event experts will be happy to assist you with words and deeds at any time. Book your one or more day company events in Graz with our event agency Graz or organize your indoor or outdoor events with us on an hourly basis. Thanks to our unique ideas for company events, there are no limits to the creative possibilities. Take advantage of the benefits that the multifaceted landscape of Graz offers you. One aspect that the participants are always enthusiastic about is that the historic old town of Graz has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the meantime, the city of Graz with its Eggenberg Castle has even been declared the historic center of the region!

Planning corporate events with our event agency in Graz – and having fun

Incentives – Valuing good things in a special way Employees who inspire with their first-class performance and thus advance your company deserve special recognition. We are happy to plan your incentive company events in Graz!
Show presence: Realize meetings, conferences, and congresses with our event agency Graz Company events in Graz – whether for small or large numbers of participants – are in the best hands with us. Experience congresses, meetings, conferences etc. with our event agency in Graz.
A grandiose start: Annual kick-off events in Graz Bring your company “on course” right from the start with us. We take over the planning and implementation of annual kick-off events and kick-off company events in Graz for you!

Celebrating a successful time – at the company anniversary in Styria It is the icing on the cake of every company: the company anniversary. Celebrate this special occasion duly and fully rely on our event agency in Graz.
Profit from sponsoring events in Graz – with our professional support! Sponsoring events should be well thought out. Everything must be right if you want to inspire your guests with lasting enthusiasm. At a company event in Graz of this category, we are happy to be your partner!
Skilfully staged: PR events, the incomparable corporate events in Graz Stay in touch with us through top PR events and secure a success-oriented standing within your industry. With our event agency Graz, you can only win!

Product launches in Graz, the heart of Styria The establishment of a new product or service is always a highlight. Set the course for success with us at a company event in Graz!
Time for socializing – at the summer party Experience the probably most beautiful time of the year a little differently. Plan your summer party with our event agency in Graz and discover how exciting summer company parties can really be!

Offer something extraordinary in Graz and surroundings – customer events with our ideas for corporate events

Welcome to Open Day! Give interested visitors the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at your company. The event experts at our event agency in Graz will be happy to assist you.
Pamper special guests – with customer incentives Customer loyalty should be rewarded. With a successful company event in Graz, you can adequately express your appreciation. Rely on the specialists at your event agency in Graz.
Generate contacts – easy and efficient through networking events Good contacts are worth their weight in gold. Maintain them accordingly. Book your networking company event with our event agency Graz and profit from our 10 years of experience.

Unique employee events that will be remembered for a long time to come

Things that belong together grow together: Team building events with our event agency in Graz Individual team building events make it easy for new employees to integrate themselves. Motivation increases. Also, at such a company event in Graz, the overall cohesion is promoted!
Promote your employees – through seminars and workshops as company events in Graz Determined employees appreciate adequate support. This has a positive effect on the individual service portfolio and will gradually bring your company forward.
Motivate and support your teams – through targeted employee incentives High-performing employees certainly enjoy praise and recognition. What has become rather rare these days can be supported by employee incentive company events in Graz.

Emotions and sociability – the Christmas party as a company event in Graz Organize with our event agency a Christmas party according to your taste. We invite you to experience our Christmas ideas for company events – and simply to enjoy them.
Always something special – the company outing as a company event in Graz Take your team with you on a “journey” of an extraordinary kind. Whether as an indoor or outdoor company event in Graz: With us, you are “ahead of the pack”! So your company outing will be unforgettable!
Celebrate the family day in your company with a great atmosphere Family members and friends of your employees are very welcome to the family day. Get to know each other and look forward to socializing at this company event in Graz!


We are your event agency in Graz, which always offers you a successful interplay of fresh ideas for company events, cultivated communication, and exquisite hospitality. Profit with us from 10 years of experience and discover how exciting indoor and outdoor events, company celebrations, galas, incentives etc. are. With our event agency in Graz, you simply experience more and more. That and much more sets us apart from the competition.

We are very much looking forward to providing you with individual advice and competent support if you are planning your company event in Graz!

Would you like to organize a company event in Graz and would you like professional support from an experienced event team? Then you are well advised in our event agency Graz. Our specialists are there for you and have ideas for company events that will inspire you and your guests. Let us surprise you and convince you that our event agency always has the best to offer. What can we do for you?
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