You see an original - not from Action Jackson Pollock, but from an ERGO Insurance team during Team building Action Art in Cologne.
You see an original – not from Action Jackson Pollock, but from an ERGO Insurance team during Action Art Team Building in Cologne.
What does splashing paint have to do with team building? A lot, because through the shared experience of working on a project outside your usual working environment, teams are welded together. The event idea that Zusammenspiel Action Art offers is more than just color sharpening as team building. In teams, we work on individual areas of great artwork. Or consider creative processing possibilities in the collective. Have you ever painted with a wind turbine? Or did you shoot a painting? No? then it’s time! Find out here how you can use this team building Art Event specifically for your challenges. Details to the ActionArt Team Building Art Event

What is the idea behind the Art Event concept ActionArt?

Leave everyday life behind you for a few hours together. Let off steam for a few hours on our team building Playground. The result will not only be some creative paintings, but also a welded team! The ActionArt Team Building Event is designed to be creative together. The participants of the team event consider creative techniques to create their painting. The interplay of team building provides countless different possibilities. Depending on the task, we integrate tasks into the creative process. For example, collaboration techniques and cross-group workflow can be trained.

At which company events ActionArt Team Building is used?

This event is not only a good basis to process contents from workshops or lectures in an experience-oriented environment. It is simply a lot of fun and therefore also suitable as Incentive. Due to the very free work organization, the Action kind of team building Art Event can also be used excellently for the improvement of creativity and project management techniques. Thus the Art Event ActionArt is in almost all fields of personal development at home. Contact us for an individual concept for your team event.

What is the procedure of the ActionArt Team Event?

After an introductory phase, in which the trainers of team events give the participants of the team building event an overview of the upcoming tasks, the choice of the different painting techniques is made. Painting may be the wrong expression for this. With paint guns, fans and everyday objects your employees start the creative romp on their canvases. Depending on your challenges, it can also be a matter of matching your own painting with that of the other groups. Communication and project management skills are then required to ensure a collective fit. In the end, we will admire the works created together at the team event. Your employees are welcome to take them home or to your company to remember your great achievements at this team event.

How do the team members experience the team building event?

ActionArt Team Building brings your employees a considerable gain in experience in teamwork, project management, and creativity. In your eyes, however, it brings a lot of fun. And that’s what’s wanted. Because through this experience-oriented approach, which gives the participants of the ActionArt Team Building shared experiences and experiences help them to learn faster. For this purpose, we make use of techniques from modern brain research. And thus give both your employees and you an enormous added value.

How do large and small teams interact with ActionArt?

The common experience of ActionArt Team Building leads to the fact that your employees learn the contents conveyed by our trainers all by themselves and make their own experiences in an explorative way. The team building trainers are available to support the participants during the event without disturbing the creative process and the independent learning experiences of the participants. Depending on the challenges they try to tackle with the team event, different techniques for employee development will be applied through our specific tasks.

The effect of the ActionArt Team Event

The Action Art Team Building Event welds your employees together through shared experiences and common work. It is best to exhibit the created works in your company so that your employees are reminded daily of the great experience and your outstanding work at the team event. In addition to improving the team spirit, we also provide content that will improve your employees’ collaboration and project management skills. Contact us for an individual offer, which the ActionArt Team Building Art Event tailors especially to your needs.

Work results of Action-Art Events:

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