A canoe trip as a company trip and team building event

Cozy paddling through nature, maneuvering together through shallows and celebrating success at your destination. All this is our Canoe Team Building. Does canoeing equal team building? Not directly, but our individual concepts make exactly that out of it. Get an idea of how our canoe tours can advance your teams in the areas of communication, teamwork and project management.

A closer look to the Canoe Tour Team Building

A functioning team building has a recipe for success, a mechanism by which the team building succeeds.What is the idea behind the Canoe Tour Team Building?

Canoeing requires a high degree of coordination and interaction, but this does not yet result in large teams. That’s why our event concept team has packed the format with tasks and hurdles that will demand a lot from your employees. These are created according to the most modern learning techniques in order to achieve the greatest possible success. The framework of the canoe trip consists particularly of the view of the modern learning theory. Experiencing together is the key to better processing the contents and lessons arising from the tasks.

At which company events are canoe tours used?A team building as a supporting program loosens conferences, seminars and workshops. But it gets even better, because if the team has come together in one place anyway, then it can be invested in team development measures without causing additional travel costs.

The Canoe Tour Team Event can be carried out from April to October, on all waters. From small groups to your entire staff, we can make arrangements for you. The Canoe Team Building can be integrated into existing events or planned as an independent team event. We are also happy to develop workshops for you, for which the Canoe Team Building forms a playful learning platform. And if you are already in beautiful places in nature, campfires, barbecues and cooking events are a popular addition. Due to a large number of different types of tasks, you can use the Canoe Team Building for the following occasions, for example:

  • Team and personal development
  • Training for leadership, communication and team management
  • as incentive

Many other possibilities are available. Contact us for an individual concept.

Depending on the agenda, different time windows are available for a team event. Therefore, different formats are available and many event ideas can be varied in their duration.What is the procedure of a Canoe Trip?

After the arrival at the water, we get in the right mood for the upcoming tour. Depending on the tasks, our trainers and moderators explain to the participants of the canoeing event which challenges they will face. Afterwards, we go in teams on the water. First of all very comfortable, because Canoe Team Building is also about getting to know each other as a team and finding a common rudder flow. Nobody should go in circles. After a while of eager rowing, the teams start to solve tasks together. Canoe-to-Canoe communication now comes up. Structures develop to coordinate communication. Our trainers are always very close to the action and give the teams impulses. When we finally go to the water to reflect and let the day end, a great team has been formed that will also work better in the everyday life of your company.

How do team members experience the team building event?Team building and team training sessions provide insights through experience. During the events the participants recognize that for many tasks teamwork provides a proven solution

The tasks of the Canoe Team Event are designed to promote interpersonal communication. Without this, the teams will not function. The ingenious task definition and the support of our trainers make it possible for the team to adjust itself to the event on its own. Ideally, the participants of the Canoe Team Building will recognize contents from previous workshops themselves and implement them. The canoeing tour’s environment abstracts problems from everyday company life and makes them more tangible for your employees. The reflection round at the end, moderated by the interplay of trainers, is then a transfer back into the company.

The effect of the Canoe Team EventForm a new team? Strengthen an existing team? Develop a performant team and reward it at the same time? Team building events can make a difference.

The Canoe Team Event is designed to convey team building content to participants in an explorative and playful way. The challenges to be solved correspond to those of your company. Through the experience-oriented approach, the participants of the Canoe Team Building learn what is really important in good teamwork. Thus they will receive a welded together and outstanding working team.

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