Cave Tour Team Building

The weatherproof teambuilding event with a cave tour takes teams deep into the depths - where they achieve top performance and celebrate success by solving tasks and puzzles together.

Swap your suit for a Schlaz! Our Cave Tour Team Building takes you underground, even under water if you wish. Together we explore millions of years old caves, crawl between crevices and squeeze our way through under syphons. Participants of the team event who are free from giddiness abseil into the dark depths during particularly daring cave tours and for water rats it goes into some of our caves into the dark wet. The Cave Tour Team Building event is not only a lot of fun, it also trains the skills of your employees in an unconventional way. See for yourself why the cave tour enjoys great popularity among all creative team building ideas:

The Cave Tour Team Building under the magnifying glass:

What is the idea behind the Cave Tour Team Building?

Team building beyond sunlight? On our Cave Tour Team Building, there is more to discover than old rock formations. We have to solve tasks underground together, lead the team through tricky places and find the way back to daylight. The strengths of the individual team members have to be explored and used. With our experienced trainers and guides at your side, the participants of the team event will be guided through these tasks. They make positive experiences with teamwork, learn to position themselves in teams and to work towards a common goal.

For which team events is the Cave Tour suitable?

It does not have to be a blue pot or a giant thing, even if it is the longest cave in Germany with more than 16 kilometers. With more than 130 other caves, we can also find a suitable cave for your cave tour near your company or your planned team event. And the Cave Tour Team Building format itself can also be used in many ways. As part of your existing team event, as supporting program for your team building workshops or for your company outing. Depending on the type of assignment, we can vary tasks and make you a tailor-made offer. Talk to us!

What is the course of the Cave Tour team event?

It all starts with the equipment. Because with us you don’t walk along paved visitor paths. Interactive Cave Tours are adventures for which adventure equipment is necessary. Schlaz (the suit of the speleologists) or for our wet variant neoprene suit, helmet and lamp are mandatory. Equipped like this, you can go into the dark. First of all, we have to find our way together. If it doesn’t go on any longer, it is important to function as a team. Otherwise, everyone will stay underground. Well, don’t worry, we’ll bring all your employees back safe and sound. But above all as a functioning team in which everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses and can deal with them.

How do the team members experience the Cave Tour Team Building event?

Most of them have been in a cave before, but most of them have probably never moved away from boring visitor paths. In addition to the unique experience of exploring the darkness of a cave together, the participants of the Cave Tour Team Building will have a lot of fun solving the tasks. The common overcoming of the hurdles will weld them together. And our trainers will guide you through the process of realizing your position in the team as well as your strengths and weaknesses. So the participants come back from the darkness stronger than before.

How does interaction work on a Cave Tour?

The tasks we prepare for your team according to your needs serve to abstract your company. If, for example, you want to improve the communication of your employees, we will use tasks that present the participants of the cave tour with communication problems. The solution is up to you. Many different approaches are possible. Just like in everyday business life. Team structures have to be formed and solutions have to be found. Our trainers will guide your employees without taking away the freedom of the explorative learning experience.

The effect of the Cave Tour team event

By accomplishing common tasks, paired with the experience-oriented approach of the Cave Tour Team Building, the participants learn much faster and better about themselves and good teamwork. The common experience with emotions plays an important role. This is confirmed by modern brain research, which confirms an improvement in learning performance in approaches such as Cave Tour Team Building.

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