In 2007 a great idea was born: By introducing the Team-Building Chain-reaction ZUSAMMENSPIEL has set new standards in terms of conducting a successful Team-Event. Since that time we have continuously conducted this extraordinary event for more than 10.000 people.:

Talking about Team- Building events, our Team-Building Chain-reaction was often appointed the Champions-League of team events by many of our former customers. During the team event, your team has a simple task to build up a functioning chain reaction. But this is not about the marble run, not even about dominoes. We are speaking of a really complex chain reaction. At this, the participants connect content regarding your company, its brands, and products and directly experience the success of jointly working together in a functioning team.

Team-Building Chain-reaction at company events and others:

  • Team Building event at meetings, conferences, and seminars
  • Ice Breaker at customer events and company events
  • Kick-Off at sales and distribution events
  • Team Building at change management processes
  • Incentive-Event for motivation and information

A picture is worth a thousand words? Please have a look at our gallery to get an idea about our winning formula…

Ein Teamevent mit einer Kettenreaktion von ZUSAMMENSPIEL Teamevent bringt Bewegung in Ihre InhalteEin passendes Give-Away für dieses originelle TeambuildingEin mitreissendes Ende einer ZUSAMMENSPIEL Kettenreaktion bei Continental Automotive Systems

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More information about ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team-Building Chain-reaction:
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The event concept

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Chain-reaction from XS to XXXL is a playful test for small and large teams of how to handle complex tasks. The aim is the construction of a chain reaction. At conferences, company events and team building events curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and communication are required in order to construct the individual sections of the ZUSAMMENSPIEL Chain-reaction in line with all team members. It is suitable for teams of 5 and up to 1,500 persons and can be realized in all event location and hotels, but also as an outdoor event.

The chain-reaction for company event

Teamwork is always in demand: Either at meetings, conferences or congresses, on company events celebrations, Team-Buildings, sales events, Kick-offs, workshops, and Incentives – The chain reaction has proven to be a multifunctional team interaction, that lights up the mood and yet has a uniting effect on every participant. The Team-Building Chain-reaction was conducted at several company events of Bayer, Continental, OTTO and Siemens and many more. Especially at international events: Our chain reaction is made to overcome any communicational or cultural barrier. This way participants from all over the world can quickly interact and find out which things they have in common.

How is it happening? The course of the Team-Building Chain-reaction

In the beginning, was chaos. The participants enter a prepared room and get briefly instructed by our hosts and trainers. After a couple of minutes, the development of the chain reaction XXXL starts within the teams. The combination and the building can take up to four hours, depending on your personal schedule. Right before the start – when the public attention is at its peak – the participants are asked to present the content and range of topics which is processed in their element. Afterwards, the reaction gets launched – accompanied by the cheering crowd the impulse finds his way through the entire construction.

Through different eyes: The Team-Building Chain-reaction from the perspective of the participants

Only after a short time, every participant will know why our Team-Building Chain-reaction has become so popular among many companies: creative problem-solving and close communication. Because the content of your company is directly connected to functioning teamwork. “interface design” is the central element of our concept – between people as well as between every single part of the chain reaction. Passing on impulses, generating ideas and elaborating on them. Additionally, the teammates will start to talk and discern together. These factors are the ideal conditions for networking and building up human relations either during the event or afterward at dinner.

How does ZUSAMMENSPIEL work out in smaller and bigger teams?

By means of ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team-Building Chain-reaction interplay comes almost by itself! Because team building, teamwork, and team development are goal and solution at the same time. Being confronted with the task the teammates develop a collaborative and creative team culture. The result of this intelligent heterarchical self-management is a priceless experience of a feeling of success, directly caused by successful teamwork. And – of course – a mind-blowing chain reaction!

Success to go: The result of ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team-Building Chain-reaction

A massive chain reaction was built up by joint efforts. Furthermore, everyone had an interesting insight into a range of topics, connections, and links about your company, its strategy, brands or products. The situation is now clear to everyone. Thus it is to give an impetus. From this moment on the cheering crowd accompanies the impulse to find his way through the entire construction. Your employees will surely have fond memories of this event and at the same time look forward to adapting the new approaches in their everyday life.
experience-oriented learning teambuilding event

We are proud to cooperate with the best companies worldwide:

Get an impression of our former clients with this small overview. What all these companies have in common is arrows-3-yellow-leftthat they demand the highest levels of performance and reliability at the choice of their partners. And we are always happy to come up with strong ideas and impressing and exciting events.
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Creative Event idea: Teamwork through successful teamwork

To do things together… that’s what teamwork is all about. The task in ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team-Building Chain reaction is quickly described: The team members build a chain reaction together. As with Domino Day, only with numerous other items such as your products, LEGO and Playmobil as well as many toys and weird bizarre things. After the teamwork is finished, the kick-off takes place and the proverbial brick starts rolling.

The impulse passes through the individual areas and now, at the latest, the last penny will fall: Interaction is the be-all and end-all for successful teamwork. A team video demonstrates the energy this creates. ZUSAMMENSPIEL Chain reaction is one of the team-building games that manage without competition and therefore prevents conflicts through group formation when forming new teams.

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The concept of ZUSAMMENSPIEL in video

Do you have 43 seconds? Then in this short video clip, you can take a look at the concept on which the team-building is based.

Concept understood? Team-Building is similar to the TV event “Domino Day”, except that instead of dominoes your products, toys and all kinds of different special elements are used to get your topics moving during this Team-Building. With this creative event idea, crazy constructions can be created. And of course new teams.

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Video example for team play in a chain reaction

What teamwork makes possible, the gentlemen of the band formation “OK GO” demonstrate not only with their instruments on stage: The spectacular video clip to the no less beautiful song “This too shall pass” shows what enthusiasm and attention this event idea evokes in their audience. Try it on your own and click on Play:

Bring the stone into the roll

To much promised? Do you already have first ideas for your team-building event? What is lying around on your desk right now? It goes without saying that team-building requires a certain amount of communication, coordination, and self-organisation within the team in order to be successful. In subteams, modular sections of the chain reaction are set up, which have to be connected later for the construction to function. Exchange and team play are – in the chain reaction as well as in real life – the “lubricating oil” of collaboration and creative teamwork. The formation of resilient communication structures is therefore essential in team building and teamwork. During the team event the participants share an individual and collective experience:

between the elements of the chain reaction and also the individuals who make up the team, the design of interfaces is the critical factor for success, which on the one hand determines the size of the “friction losses” that occur during interaction and teamwork – and on the other hand the “translation performance”, which is the basis of the quality of the teamwork performed.

The special feature of ZUSAMMENSPIEL Team- Building Event

ZUSAMMENSPIEL Chain Reaction as a team event not only sets the team in motion but also objects and their individual themes and contents. For example, focal points from marketing such as “The building blocks of market cultivation”. Or the new sales strategy… Perhaps the process of a forthcoming restructuring? You can find examples of management topics in the Continental Handbook. Individual products and components are, however, also doing well in the limelight, such as this advertising video by Honda from 2003, which became famous on the Internet under the name “Honda Cog”:

A team-building measure for well-coordinated teamwork

When developing solutions for the complex task together, it quickly becomes clear that ZUSAMMENSPIEL is the leitmotif not only for the Team-Building method of playful teamwork but for the entire Team-Building event. The whole is more than the sum of its parts – this applies to complex structures such as chain reactions no less than to the social system “team”.

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