Cooking Team Event: Cooking courses for team building

Too many cooks spoil the porridge? In the KitchenLAB a cooking course is used as team building. The cooking event offers pure experience cooking: the teams prepare a multi-course menu together during the cooking course. In addition there is a pinch of input to the meaning of teamwork in the kitchen, vividly underpinned with experiences of the KitchenLAB boss. This harmonious recipe for success of the Zusammenspiel KitchenLAB turns groups into teams with an appetite for top performance! And you can taste that throughout the entire course of the cooking event. Pure enjoyment is the order of the day in the cooking studio: Corresponding wines are served with exquisite dishes. Optionally we extend the KitchenLAB with the CocktailLAB: Based on spirits, their ingredients as well as their history and that of their manufacturers, they serve as the basis for analogies to everyday working life. And here, too, it's about interaction - not only between the ingredients of the drinks, but also within the team on the mixers...

Not only love, but also a culinary team building event can go through the stomach. Because members of structures based on the division of labor achieve success when they find a common denominator among themselves. Since everyone is a friend of a good kitchen, the cooking event offers itself wonderfully as a creative team event idea.

We organise a professionally equipped kitchen laboratory for your company, in which the coordination and communication of teams are promoted under the guidance of specialist personnel. For a guaranteed preparation of exclusive gourmet food we optionally activate one of our star chefs for this team event. [divider]

Cooking Event team building: Cooking together in the KitchenLAB:

A functioning team building has a recipe for success, a mechanism by which team building succeeds.The idea behind the concept Team Event KitchenLAB:

Together and in a relaxed atmosphere, your employees will develop a gourmet menu – and will be able to taste their work created through perfect interaction. Of course, this team building event also depends on good communication between the individual participants and small teams. Creative solutions are in demand. However, KitchenLab Team Building Events are not power team events. Relaxed getting to know, communicate and collaboratively master challenges is the motto here.

Company events with the team building cooking event:Team building as supporting program relaxes conferences, seminars and workshops. But it gets even better, because if the team has come together in one place anyway, then it can be invested in team development measures without causing additional travel costs.

The KitchenLab Team Building Event is the perfect way to end strenuous workshop days, to give reflection time between lectures or simply as a reward for the good work of your employees. The KitchenLab Team Event is also a highlight for company outings. Individual menus tailored to your company or content are possible. So the event can be inserted into almost any frame. We will be happy to advise you on the realisation of your team event with KitchenLab Team Building.

Depending on the agenda, different time windows are available for a team event. Therefore, different formats are available and many event ideas can be varied in their duration.The KitchenLAB cooking event process:

The participants receive menu suggestions and then begin to experiment. Depending on the type of cooking event, more or less leeway is given for creative work. The Kitchen Lab is actually meant as such, it is not just about cooking recipes. After a familiarization phase, the task is to experiment and prepare. And of course the delicacies are also presented to the rest of the team and then eaten together.

Experiences of the team members during the team building event:Team building and team training sessions provide insights and insights through experience. During the events the participants recognize that for many tasks teamwork provides a proven solution

Your employees will be given the opportunity to get to know each other better at the cooking event in a cosy atmosphere. They will experiment with unknown ingredients, perhaps even use chemistry – just as they wish. In small groups you will experiment, communicate and perhaps even have a nibble. The focus here is on experiencing things together.

Team building as a supporting program loosens up conferences, seminars and workshops. But it gets even better, because if the team has already come together in one place, then it can be invested in team development measures without incurring additional travel costs.How do large and small teams interact with the Cooking Team Building Event?

Have you ever been in the kitchen of a star restaurant? Don’t worry, we didn’t hire a choleric chef for your team event. Nevertheless, our KitchenLab Team Event also depends on a well-functioning interaction. Our cook and our trainers help and give impulses for improvements. During reflection breaks, the individual teams present what they are preparing. They report on problems and improvements that they may have made. This way everyone gets to know each other better at the cooking event and experiences each other as a team.

The effect of Kitchen Lab Team EventsForm a new team? Strengthen an existing team? Develop a performant team and reward it at the same time? Team building events can make a difference.

The KitchenLab Team Building Event works through shared experiences, fun in creating together and tasty experiences of success. Modern brain research proves that people learn faster and better through these emotional experiences. Within this framework, we can successfully communicate your contents to the participants of the team event. And despite all the learning, it is simply fun to spend time together outside the company.
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