Cooking courses and events in Hildesheim: Cooking as an experience for teams of 5 to 250 people during company events, company outings or team training.

Cooking event in Hildesheim – Team building under the rose bush

Take high-quality, fresh ingredients, a fully equipped kitchen laboratory, a professional seminar leader, season the whole thing with a lot of fun and serve it with drinks of your choice: The concept “cooking team building” is ready. At a cooking event in Hildesheim, your employees get to know each other better, strengthen their sense of togetherness in the kitchen and develop creative ideas together.

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The most important information about team cooking at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building Communication Teamwork

Cooking event in Hildesheim: Run to the pots and pans

Finding the right team building event is usually not that easy. However, as a rule, all colleagues can agree on one thing: good food. At a cooking event in Hildesheim, they work together on a three-course gourmet menu. Beginners and ambitious hobby chefs with previous knowledge take on tasks that correspond to their respective strengths. A professional chef and seminar leader support the participants. Many ego’s turns into we – and the most beautiful: At the end of the day, the result of the joint effort can be consumed in the team. Thus team building concludes cooking with a sense of achievement for all.
Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event

Cooking event in Hildesheim: The highlight of many events

Experience cooking in Hildesheim is the successful conclusion to a company outing or a conference. Cooking team building can also be easily integrated into various company events. For example, start a company party or department party with a shared cooking experience and then celebrate into the night. Or praise cooking events in Hildesheim as an incentive for a successful project.

Lower Saxony or international: a cooking event in Hildesheim for every taste

We will also be happy to choose a menu according to your taste: meatballs in Berlin, fresh fish in Hamburg, Leipziger Allerlei, Frankfurter Würstchen, Bremen kale with Pinkel sausage, Munich Weißwurst (white sausage), Dresdner Stollen – bring regional specialties to the table with your team. Cologne has Kölsch, Düsseldorf an Alt and Hanover a freshly draught Ernst-August. A Hildesheim menu starts, for example, with fish, roasts with potatoes for the main course and a Welf pudding at the end. As an alternative, we also offer international and vegetarian cuisine.
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1. Watch a video of the cooking event:

The scope of services for experience cooking in Hildesheim, we offer you the following basic services:

For experience cooking in Hildesheim, we provide the following services included in our basic package:
  • Cold champagne reception
  • Additives for a three-course menu
  • Beverage lump sum including aperitif, wine, beer, soft drinks, water, and coffee
  • Room rental including final cleaning
  • Professional moderation and seminar leadership
  • Trained personnel service
  • One rental apron per participant
  • As a souvenir, a recipe folder with the recipe of the prepared dishes

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