Geocaching City Tour: The City Tour with GPS Rallye

Geocaching as team event: Guaranteed with ZUSAMMENSPIEL, on request also as competition.

The mission: Explore the city as a team on your own.

The ZUSAMMENSPIEL Geocaching enjoys great enthusiasm as CityChallenge Team Building in all cities: Teams of all sizes set off on exploration tours in the city area and solve tasks and puzzles at the waypoints. In an entertaining way, they learn a lot about the city and its special features. As a guest in the metropolises of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf during a conference or workshop? There is not always time to really get to know the respective place – let alone the history of the city and its peculiarities. But even if a city seems familiar, a geocaching tour always has surprises and new facets of the habitat in store.

As a team building event the Geocaching City-Challenge offers different impressions: During the exploration of the terrain the team gets to know a lot about its surroundings and a lot about itself and its strengths.

Applications in large and small cities

A geocaching city tour can be used as team building in the metropolises Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg. But also in Fulda, Friedrichshafen or Freiburg team events with GPS-guided scavenger hunts have their attraction. Therefore we have prepared different routes with different missions and team challenges, which provide adequate challenges for participants from trainees to top management. Learn more about the missions of the Geocaching City-Challenge.


Team buildings and team trainings provide insights through experience. During the events the participants recognize that teamwork is a proven solution for many tasks

Every city has special sides. And it’s all about discovering them at the Geocaching City Challenge. In order to solve the puzzles, the teams must acquire knowledge of the terrain – and see completely beside the most beautiful objects of interest.


company outing competition-challenge-winner cup

The team members play against each other in teams at the Geocaching City Challenge, because at the end of the challenge a winner is chosen. Fast legs and strong nerves – to solve the task and crack the nut in front of the other teams?


Team building as a supporting programme loosens up conferences, seminars and workshops. But it gets even better, because if the team has come together in one place anyway, then it can be invested in team development measures without causing additional travel costs.

The Geocaching City Challenge combines interesting facts from the respective city and region with an exciting and entertaining mobile game – and makes successful teamwork and team spirit a side experience.


Depending on the agenda, different time windows are available for a team event. Therefore different formats are available and the duration of many event ideas can be varied.

Geocaching events are as flexible as their schedule. A team building event in the afternoon to loosen things up? Or an all-day supporting programme?  The route of the City Challenge can be adapted according to your agenda. Ideally, a time window between 2 and 6 hours is available for the team event.


Team buildings can be done in almost any event location. Therefore, it is profitable to place a team development measure during a conference or workshop - if the participants have already come together. Depending on the number of the participants, team building events can take place in conference hotels, event halls, in the great outdoors or within large cities.

The team members solve different puzzles together and get further clues and coordinates to complete the mission. With the Geocaching City Challenge, one team must also develop a solution in order to be at the geocaching coordinates before the other team and solve the puzzles. Pure strategy and tactics.


Form a new team? Strengthen an existing team? Develop a performant team and reward it at the same time? Team building events can make a difference.

The Geocaching City Challenge combines interesting facts from the respective city and region with an exciting and entertaining mobile game – and makes successful teamwork and team spirit a side experience. If desired, his analysis and reflection can be followed by a transfer to everyday working life.

The planning of a Geocaching City Tour as team building

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