Only a well organized, target-oriented and well-rehearsed investigator team can find and convict the perpetrator in a geocaching crime thriller.



The GPS crime cache consists of several waypoints with puzzles and tasks. Literally the way is the goal in this team building.


The team members face different challenges together and are given further clues and coordinates to help them complete the mission.


The Geocaching Team Building integrates interesting facts from the city and region into an exciting mobile game and makes teamwork an experience

A new team forms a SEK. His mission: The clarification of unusual processes in the entire inner city.



Crime caches like the ZUSAMMENSPIEL Geocaching are very popular, because this creative event idea integrates different information playfully into the popular genre of criminal cases. From the Schinderhannes to the robber Hotzenplotz just about every town has its own villain. This makes a geocaching thriller a flexible format for any event and is available in all cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or Stuttgart – to name but a few. On their tours through Fulda, Heidelberg or Lake Constance, the investigators visit crime scenes, hear witnesses and confiscate all kinds of suspicious material and curiosities.

Frequently booked in a package:

 The Geocaching Team Building is a special outdoor event: The team has to solve puzzles along a course in teams. the GPS scavenger hunt is literally about stick and stone.
  • In connection with a crime thriller dinner, the course of events will be perfect.
  • Investigation in medieval traditional costumes with a subsequent feast.
  • Integration of the Smart Crime Cache into a medieval city tour.
  • Team BBQ with cook and delicacies from the grill.
  • Geocaching conference package
  • Geocaching Training Package
  • Overnight stay and social programme
  • Film and photo documentation
  • Integration of further event formats

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Geocaching events enjoy great popularity all year round. Whether as a team building event at the beginning of the year, as a supporting programme to “blow your head through” during a conference or as an adventure programme during a company outing in summer: prepare your team for an intelligent adventure with brains and movement. Ask now without obligation and free of charge for your desired date:
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