At the PixelProduction Team Building event, the teams assemble an overall construct from as few objects as possible. Either a large image is created here directly from these objects, or by illumination from a light source behind it. Thus your company contents or products are shown in a fascinating spectacle true to the original. The result is not only a great team but also a work of art for your company.

PixelProduction in zoom view:

What is the idea behind the PixelProduction Team Building?

Is your company a Monet or a Warhol? Warhol’s art may be fascinating, but it’s more the dots and lines that emulate corporate structures. Put together, they form a whole picture. It is precisely against this background that we at PixelProduction team event work out a large picture with your employees. Our trainers will then clarify team building content using the mosaic example. The “Aha” effect resulting from the joining forms thereby the conclusion to a great team building event day.

For which team events is the PixelProduction Team Building event meant?

The PixelProduction Team Building event is especially interesting as an independent event in combination with team building workshops. Because the more spectacular the picture, the more time there is to make important experiences in the team, the steeper the learning curve will be. The possibility to vary the image theme offers an almost infinite range of application. So products of your enterprise can be processed with selling training for example or with firm mergers identification to the new Logo of the company be created. Share your challenges with us, our creative team will develop a suitable concept.

How is the process of the PixelProduction Team Event?

The PixelProduction Team Building starts with an introduction, in which the rough features of the task are discussed. Afterwards, we release the participants of the team event into creative uncertainty. They have to find their way in the maze. Our trainers are at your side. However, the organization and coordination are up to you. This is how structures and communication platforms are formed. Then the mosaic is put together, which in the end becomes a fascinating overall picture.

How does interaction succeed in PixelProduction Team Building?

 width=This mosaic of team building requires self-organization. The participants have to create their own structures which enable them to meet the challenge. Once these have been created, communication lines between the teams must be found. Only in this way can an overall picture be found. The participants of the Mosaic Team Events learn through the moderated reflection rounds how important their contribution is in the overall picture and how they can successfully participate in the overall project through good teamwork.

The effect of the Pixel Production Team Event

With the abstract example of the mosaic image, entrepreneurial topics are conveyed in an experience-oriented way by our team building trainers. Thus the participants of the team building events are trained in theoretical teamwork contents and prepared for it to use the abstract learned lessons also in the business everyday life.

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