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An event module with nostalgia factor: By booking our team building module “Soapbox Team Building”, you create a fun factor with a learning effect within your team event that can only be compared to the enthusiasm of a child. Teams can design, manufacture and test soapboxes with any selection of materials and tools. The focus of this training method is on conflict, coordination and communication management.

More details about the Soapbox Team Event:

What is the idea behind the Soapbox Team Building?

A bit of wood and four wheels, that’s how soapboxes look in the simple version. With our Soapbox Team Building Event, it’s different. Zusammenspiel team building builds real racing machines with your employees. And the best part is: if you wish, we can personalize them to best meet your challenges and content. To construct such a soapbox in a team, the participants of the soapbox team event have to prove their communication and coordination skills. Nobody wants a broken axle in the final race.

For which company events is the Soapbox Team Building meant?

The Soapbox Team Building is a perfect one-day event. This leaves plenty of time to create truly impressive companions and to provide the participants with deep content and skills that they can use in everyday business life. The Soapbox Team Event is particularly suitable for challenges in conflict, coordination and communication management due to its format. It improves the participants’ ability to work in a team and teaches them how to achieve great results as a team.

How does the Soapbox Team Event work?

At the Soapbox Team Building Event, the day begins with a large pile of material. This is first examined in detail before our trainers present the tasks. And then they saw, hammer, screw and test. In the grand finale of the Soapbox Team Event, the teams then go to the race track to compete against each other. Even if there will be a fastest one,everyone will still feel like a winner because every single soapbox will be a great unique specimen that will fill the participants of the Soapbox Team Building with pride.

How does team building work with soapboxes?

 width=Unpredictable problems always occur during the construction phase. In order to eradicate these, the participants and teams have to work together during the Soapbox Team Building. This creates a lively exchange, communication platforms and an efficient working atmosphere.

The effect of the Soapbox Team Event

The Soapbox Team Building Event challenges your employees. Constructing such a racing machine requires cross-team interaction. Our trainers guide your employees through the difficulties and provide them with the right tools for outstanding teamwork. Conflicts are recognized and solved, communication techniques are trained and project management techniques are learned. This is how great teams with outstanding teamwork skills are created at the Soapbox Team Event.

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