Summer team building on the water

Water has a liberating effect on people – hardly arrived at the lake or sea, one feels relaxed, far away from everyday life and habits. We connect the water with summer, sun, holidays, campfire. We know that this is exactly the right place to turn your team building event into a successful event. Get your employees and colleagues off the beaten track and experience them in unusual circumstances. The team will be fascinated to find out that the “joint ride” is a success. Willy Meurer once said, “Water drops alone are nothing. Together, however, they can become the most powerful element on earth. Our team building formats do just that for you and your team – alone your employees are good, but together you can be outstanding! You see: From action-packed dragon boat races to comfortable canoe tours, there is a team event on the water for every team.

Canoe Rally for the team event

Is canoe trip always following the current? Not at all. Equipped with the navigation devices, the team has to keep an eye on the left and right of the run – and sometimes also stop and solve tasks. In small teams with GPS devices and some caches, both on foot and on the water, the way is found together – for this, you need good communication, structure, and teamwork. Because only together can you reach your goal faster than the other teams.

Team Event Sailing: SailAway sailing event

Arriving at the lake, almost everyone will ask themselves the same question: How should the participants operate a sailboat without any experience? But already after a small introduction, a group dynamic develops completely independently and it quickly becomes clear that only together the sails can be hoisted and the boat set in motion. Crossing borders, summoning up courage for something new and moving something big together – the message gets across.

Stand-Up Paddling

Do you know Stand-Up Paddling? Standing on a surfboard, driven by a stick you glide over the water – sounds easier than it is? It certainly requires a sense of balance, but above all courage. Would you like your colleagues and employees to outgrow themselves in new situations, strengthen their self-confidence and achieve something great together with everyone? Then this is exactly the right team building format for you!

Dragon Boat Events as team building

“We’re all in the same boat” – that’s what we call a team building event. The dragon boat only moves forward when all your employees are watching each other, looking in the same direction and taking the oars together. We are happy to prepare a relaxed and tasty barbecue buffet and also a beach party with DJ for you to conclude your event. So the memory of the “summer feeling” of the most beautiful working day in the circle of colleagues will not fade for a long time.
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