StopMotion Pix Team Building

Already at the end of the 19th century, the StopMotion technique was used in films. Today, for example, it is still used in cartoons. For this film team event, we have chosen StopMotion because the work behind the camera demands first class communication and collaboration from the participants of the team event. The result will be fascinating and will certainly flicker more than a few times over your company’s screens.

Let’s take a closer look at Stop Motion Team Building:

What is the idea behind the StopMotion event concept?

In order to produce a StopMotion film, more is required than just the movement of figures. Before that, the technique has to be learned, a storyboard has to be developed, the set has to be set up and the figures have to be put in the right light. This requires, as with a normal film set, seamless communication and functioning interaction between all actors. Of course, the fun of this team building event does not fall by the wayside. This experience-oriented approach, in which the everyday challenges in the company are projected onto the environment of a film set, ensures rapid learning success.

At which company events does StopMotion Team Building come into play?

The StopMotion team event is especially suitable as an independent team building event or as a supplement to your team building workshops. We are also happy to offer this team event as an evening program after conferences. Since everything from short films to 90-minute production is possible, the possibilities are virtually unlimited and can be carried out anywhere. We will be happy to advise you on a tailor-made concept with StopMotion for your team event.

What is the process of the StopMotion team event?

The participants will be divided into groups or can choose them. Screenplay, storyboard, camera, light, editing or direction – just like on a normal film set. Afterward, the team event begins with a familiarization within the groups. Step by step, your employees will realize that they have to communicate and collaborate between the groups in order to carry out the project. A lively exchange develops, at the end of which a finished film stands. Whether you decide for a thriller or a crime thriller, a comedy or a documentary is entirely up to you or your employees.

How do the team members experience the team building event?

 width=The participants recognize their own contribution to success particularly well in StopMotion Team Building. Thus they reflect their work and recognize the lessons for integration into their daily work even better. The practical example of the film set will break down your entrepreneurial everyday life and make it more tangible for the participants of the team event. What previously seemed abstract is now clearly recognizable. For the participants it is simply fun, the learning success adjusts itself on its own.

How do large and small teams interact with StopMotion team event?

The joint coordination of the whole project requires a lot of self-organization from the participants. Team building trainers provide advice and support, but it is up to the participants of the team event to get the project rolling. Teams are formed that can never work independently. This results in lively communication between the participants and the teams. Intermediate results are communicated, interfaces between the teams are found and filled in. The team building is promoted thereby enormously, just like in the normal business everyday life, only in an experience-oriented way.

The effect of the StopMotion team event

The environment of the film set enables the participants of the team event to perceive and learn the contents to be conveyed in an emotional way. Modern brain research proves that emotionalized learning allows content to be more quickly absorbed and better processed. The film set thus forms both an abstract environment for corporate processes and the basis for emotions. Because here something exciting is created together. A film that serves as a souvenir for the participants of the team building event and thus also as a reminder of the outstanding team performance.

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