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Exposed to the wild, back to the roots. This Survival Team Training teaches your employees how to survive in the wild. But not only that, of course. The Survival Training Team Building event is especially aimed at dealing with unexpected events. Together with outdoor experts and the trainer of Zusammenspiel Team Events we leave all modern bells and whistles behind us and set off into the forest. What is lurking there during survival training is determined by your requirements. It will definitely be tricky and especially exciting.

Let yourself be exposed: Survival Training with Zusammenspiel Team Events

What is the idea behind Survival Training Team Building?

The right to life is a fundamental right. In Survival Training, your employees have to earn that. Well, we didn’t make the team event that extreme after all. But the better the team works together, the more pleasant you can make your “survival”. Fighting together for the survival of the team is the essence of the Survival Training event. In addition to the adversities that nature has in store anyway, we have prepared some tasks that will be geared to the individual needs of your company. These can be located in the most diverse areas of personal development. Read more about the possible uses of Survival Team Training.

For which company events is the Survival Training Team Building Event intended?

The survival training event plays with the survival instinct of humans without exposing them to real dangers. Survival training is, therefore, an excellent way to train team building in a natural environment. We usually offer Survival Training to improve teamwork as well as communication and collaboration training. Survival training has its strengths especially in the area of teamwork, as the strengths and weaknesses of your employees become particularly visible in the created environment without exposing them. Thus, the interaction of team building trainers can help you excellently to position your employees and to recognize their abilities.

How is the Survival Training team event organized?

Camping in the wilderness, what a nice weekend for your employees. However, they have made their calculations without the interplay of robbers. Because they take all the comfortable camping equipment away from you at the next fork in the road. And where the car that dropped off the participants of the team event used to be, there is now only the interaction of outdoor experts and trainers who predict survival training for your employees instead of camping. This is where the adventure of the Survival Training team event begins. Together we learn how to search for food, prepare it and build accommodation for the night. Of course, we can adjust the level of difficulty of the survival training. Here, too, the fun should not be neglected. Once the basics have been learned, we confront the participants of survival training with special tasks which, depending on your requirements, can target the various areas of employee development, such as communication skills, teamwork, interpersonal interaction or positioning in the team. At the end of the Survival Training, your achievements will be reflected upon in order to show your employees the opportunities that good teamwork gives you.

How does interaction work in the Survival Training Team Building?

Modern brain research shows that people can absorb, process and thus apply content, especially through common experiences. We also make use of this knowledge in survival training and combine it with tasks that we have specially designed for this Survival Training. In this way the participants of the Survival Team Training can solve challenges together in an experience-oriented way – and learn how modern and effective teamwork works.

The effect of Survival Training Team Events

The common challenge of securing the survival of the group will weld your employees together. But also important basics on how effective interaction in groups works are taught during Survival Training. Basics of interpersonal communication and interaction as well as successful project management will be part of the contents of survival training and will bring real team players back into the company.

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