Art with tape? This may seem strange at first. But with our selection of different tapes and crepe tapes you can create true van Gogh’s at this team event. But what exactly the participants are working on during the event will only be revealed in the grand finale. Because then the individual parts are put together to form a large picture. Tape Art is a team building event with a pre-programmed enthusiasm factor.

Let’s take a closer look at Tape Art Team Building:

What is the idea behind the concept of the team event Tape Art?

Do your employees know what skills you have? Have you ever shown them what they can achieve through teamwork outside of their daily work? This is where our concept of art event, team building by Tape Art comes in. Outside of your usual working environment, the participants of the team event will learn important team building contents in an experience-oriented way. According to the results of modern brain research, they learn them better and faster.

At which team events is Tape Art Team Building used?

The Zusammenspiel Team Building Art Event can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used classically as a supplement to your workshops, tailored to our workshop offers, or simply as an incentive for your employees. Tape Art is not only team building, but also a lot of fun. Our creative team will be happy to design an individual concept for you for a complete team event or for integration into existing plans. Use Tape Art Team Building for the following occasions:

for example

  • Communication training
  • Team training
  • Employee mergers
  • Support program for team building workshops
  • Incentives

What is the procedure of the Tape Art Team Event?

In groups of five to ten people, participants tap small areas of a large image. They receive instructions, but can also be creative. After some time the areas wander through the teams. The participants now have to work in the area of another group. Communication between the participants is essential for this approach. Your employees have to put themselves in the position of the other employees. Thus not only project management, but also team building contents are obtained in an experience-oriented way.

How do the team members experience the team building event?

 width=Learning without learning. This is how Tape Art Team Building works. The participants quickly recognize the recipe for success and implement it under the guidance of our trainers. Ideally, they can apply theoretical contents from lectures or workshops directly in a practical and playful environment at the team event. Through the informal environment, they quickly get into a conversation and jointly determine solutions for the success of the common goal.

How do large and small teams interact with the art event?

The sequential processing of the individual areas of the artwork requires and promotes increased communication between the teams. Both within the individual teams and collectively, the participants of the team event recognize the importance of their individual actions and perceive themselves as part of the overall project. In this way, your company will be broken down playfully into the creation of artworks and the transfer of what you have learned into the daily work of your employees will be simplified.

The Effect of Tape Art Team Events

Learning theory and modern brain research proved that decisions and behavior are most sustainably shaped by personal experiences. Knowledge, ability, and willingness are prerequisites for changes and transformations in organizations. Through the involvement and enthusiasm of the participants for this idea of the team event, the necessary emotionalization and motivation are achieved. This is where our Tape Art Team Event comes in and imparts important lessons and practical knowledge to the participants in an experience-oriented, artistic-playful way. The enthusiasm is triggered by the shared “Aha” experience when assembling the individual parts which are of great importance and not only from a team-building point of view but also because of the ongoing learning effect of the knowledge acquired previously.

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