Team Building – stone by stone, step by step with RobotDreamTeam


This robotics team building event is tricky. Because it’s about teamwork. Teamwork from others. From robots. And what distinguishes human teamwork – unambiguous communication, clear commands, a certain degree of unpredictability – that also comes to bear here – between the robots, but also between the participants of the team event.

LEGO is for kids? Well, maybe the classic bricks. But Lego Mindstorm can be used to construct tricky and complicated robot systems that even amaze engineers. The RobotDreamTeam Event is not about building a robot. Your employees build interlocking systems whose interplay must function seamlessly. They are introduced to team building content in a practical and playful way and recognize essential skills to function as a team.

Team success with robots: Robot Dream Team Event

What is the idea behind the Robot Dream Team Building?

To build a small robot with LEGO Mindstorm elements is not yet a big challenge, it starts with the interaction between the robots. In order to be able to guarantee this in Robot Dream Team Building, the interaction of the employees must already work. In the end, the robots have to solve a task without any further external intervention. This is the real challenge in the interplay of robot team building events. The tasks to be solved are flexible, whereby we can guarantee you the greatest possible individuality. Our ZUSAMMENSPIEL team building creative team adapts the entire robot team event to your wishes and internal challenges.

For which company events is the Robotics Team Building Event meant?

Robotics team building requires planning, coordination and communication. Without these three skills, the project will fail – just like any project in your company. Our approach of experience-oriented learning imparts and consolidates these important skills in robotics team building without your employees consciously perceiving the process of learning. The Robotics Team Event is, therefore, particularly suitable for employee development in the areas of communication training and project management.

What is the procedure of the Robotics Team Event?

A bunch of participants and a bunch of LEGO Mindstorm elements – that’s the beginning of our Robot Dream Team Building event. Our trainers give impulses, but no guidelines, to show the participants of the robot team event solutions for the challenges outlined by us. Thus they can live out their creativity and at the same time get the most important basics of team building and effective interaction on their way. Our solution for experience-oriented learning, according to the latest findings.

How does teamwork work in Robot Dream Team Building?

Through the experience of constructing a unit together – against the experience-oriented background of robotics – your employees themselves become a unit. At the Robotics Team Event, as with our other team building measures, we build up our tasks and challenges for the participants of the team event according to the latest findings from brain research and learning theory. In this way, we can guarantee maximum success for your team building.

The effect of Robotics Team Event

If you have ever seen production lines of large automobile manufacturers, you can understand the fascination of robotics. Seamlessly interlocking units become a fascinating overall construct. It is precisely this principle that we reproduce at the Robotics Team Event. The fascination for robotics that arises during the team building event forms the basis for a shared experience. This, in turn, forms the basis for efficient learning according to the principles of modern brain research. Thus, we can use the Team Building Robotics Event to teach your employees all about employee development. In this way, the participants of the Robotics Team Event save hours of memorizing and you save a lot of valuable working time.

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