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Steyr, at first glance a dreamy small town in the Austrian foothills of the Alps, turns out to be an ideal place to realize ideas for company events. The city of 38,000 inhabitants is an excellent place for explorers: with a 1000-year history, the city attracts the participants of your company event in Steyr with historical architecture. In the city center, several stylistic epochs can even be observed almost in a row. The Gothic Bummerlhaus, known as the city’s landmark, is particularly worth a visit. Lamberg Castle is also an enchanting place to visit. Surrounded by an idyllic natural landscape, the two rivers Enns and Steyr converge in Steyr. At company events in Steyr, you and your event participants can benefit from this enticing geographical location. For outdoor events, as an event agency for Steyr, we recommend an excursion to one of the city’s neighbouring recreational areas. You can choose between the Kalkalpen National Park and the Steyr floodplains for your outdoor company event in Steyr. What is special about Steyr is not only its tourist value but also the fact that the region is an important industrial location. In addition to regional companies, international corporations have also settled in the city. As an event agency for Steyr, we can only warmly recommend the city to you in view of this impressive combination of nature, culture, and economy.


Company events in Steyr can pursue different purposes. As an event agency for Steyr, we primarily differentiate between internal and external events. While the former can provide an improved working atmosphere in your company, external events are often designed to strengthen a positive external image. No matter what kind of event our event agency in Steyr organises for you: At such an enchanting location you can convince your employees of your company as well as customers and business partners of your company concept. A further plus at company events in Steyr is the exuberant atmosphere: you get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere: At company events in Steyr, employees and superiors meet each other without being stressed by the hectic work routine. As an event agency for Steyr, Zusammenspiel supports you in winning new customers for your products with culinary delicacies or presenting your new projects to business partners over a glass of wine. At a company event in Steyr, a pleasant flair and undreamt-of opportunities arise in a wide variety of areas! Above all outdoors the city is the optimal choice for your ideas for company events.


Depending on which goal you are pursuing with your company event in Steyr, different formats are available. Company events focus on the company itself, its brands or products. As a rule, these company events in Steyr move on the B2B level. Occasions are not only product launches, but also company anniversaries. Employee events are particularly diverse. If you want to strengthen the cohesion of your team, team building events are highly recommended. As an event agency for Steyr, Zusammenspiel also has creative ideas for company events in this area. If you want to further train your employees, then it is worth it to pack the seminars and workshops into a pleasant company event in Steyr – so learning is more fun! Incentive events, such as incentive trips, can be used as both employee and customer events. Further customer events, i.e. events that focus on the customer or end consumer, are networking events: here relationships are to be established. At corporate hospitality events, customers are invited to sports or cultural events. Another purpose is pursued by company events in Steyr, which are aimed at a broad public. Press conferences are a typical example of such so-called PR events. Social and non-profit events, on the other hand, are primarily intended to create a positive image. Similar goals can also be established for sponsoring events at which companies financially support events.


Incentives With incentives, you can reward good customers and employees for their loyalty. An incentive trip to Steyr can be an unforgettable experience for your customers and employees.
Meetings, conferences, and congresses At meetings, conferences, and congresses you can spread information about your company, your products or brands.
Annual kick-off events This type of event serves to present new goals for the coming year with a review of the past financial year.

Company anniversary A company anniversary is an ideal occasion to thank employees for their loyalty and at the same time attract the attention of the public.
Sponsoring events Sponsoring events can make companies visible to the public. In view of the public interest, these events should be planned with care.
PR events With this type of event, you can inform the public about news about your company, your products, and your brands. Interaction supports you here gladly!

Product Launches New products and innovations must be presented to the public in detail. Also, the celebration of the innovative product should not be pushed into the background.
Summer festival A summer party in the varied Austrian town of Steyr can be an unforgettable excursion for your employees.

Inspire prospective customers, win customers – with unique customer events

Open Day At the open day, customers are given a glimpse behind the scenes, so to speak. Design this day especially with the help of interaction!
Customer incentives A well-organized event is a special incentive for customers. Our event agency for Steyr organizes a breathtaking event for your customers.
Networking events The best business relationships can still be established in a friendly atmosphere. As an important business location, Steyr is ideal for this. Interaction supports you with ideas for your company events.

Employee events for a perfect interaction in the company

Team building company events The cohesion of the team is in the foreground here. Outdoor events are popular formats for team building planners. At company events in Steyr, you can choose between two local recreation areas!
Seminars and Workshops If you would like to inspire your employees with further training, an interesting venue is the right place for you. A company event in Steyr offers your employees the necessary variety for learning!
Employee incentives You can’t just provide incentives with money. With an incentive event, our event agency for Steyr can support you in rewarding your employees.

Christmas party With our event agency for Steyr, you can enjoy your Christmas party in a very special flair. Get to know the Christmas festivities in Steyr’s Christkindl district.
Company Trips During company trips, your employees can relax together, celebrate and get to know each other better. Not only is the company climate positively influenced, but employee loyalty is also strengthened.
Family Day The integration of the family into the company events is a welcome idea: the family day. Our event agency for Steyr promotes family friendliness with you.


Zusammenspiel sees itself as a professional event agency for Steyr, which can look back on a ten-year tradition in the field of event management. Over the years, we have been able to build up a multi-faceted network in Steyr. With us as your partner, you and your participants can experience and enjoy very special moments at your company event in Steyr. Expertise can show interaction for events of DAX companies as well as for local dental practices. The qualified and experienced employees of our event agency for Steyr offer you professional advice in any case. As an event agency for Steyr, we are naturally open to your questions, suggestions, and ideas for company events. With great flexibility, we adapt to your special wishes. Professional preparation and follow-up of your event in Steyr is a matter of course for us!

Steyr is a worthwhile city for company events of any kind in a varied ambiance

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