Cooking event in Düsseldorf: Cooking courses for company events

Cooking courses and team cooking: We cook with teams of any size - especially for company events, company outings or team trainings.

Team building in a different way: Cooking events in Düsseldorf

Getting to know colleagues in a convivial atmosphere and working unnoticed on improving the working atmosphere becomes a pleasant experience with a cooking event. High-quality ingredients are processed into a delicious menu under the guidance of professionals and enjoyed in style after cooking together. With the KitchenLAB we offer you the optimal basis for your experience cooking in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. Request a desired date here Watch the video of the cooking event

KitchenLAB cooking event in Düsseldorf at a glance


Duration2-4 hours


Company outings and events for large and small teams. ;-)5-250


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Our recipe for the success of the individual cooking experience

In Düsseldorf you know how to enjoy: take a team of employees, spice it up with a modern location, some great recipes, and experienced specialists. Now a pinch of good humor is added and the whole thing stirred together with pleasure: at a cooking event in Düsseldorf, each team corresponds to the nature of the Rhineland’s cheerful natures – even strangers combine to form a creative team by cooking together.
Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not in KitchenLAB
What remains of successful company events in the memory: The good wine? The exquisite food? The star on stage? The stimulating conversations? We believe that the solution lies in the interplay between the areas.
The variable basic recipes of the professionals create aromatic specialties in the team, which can be modeled on the classic Düsseldorf cuisine as well as the noble star cuisine. In this way, a suitable cooking course can be organized for the team for every taste and the highlight of the experience can be adapted to different conditions. Are you planning an outdoor summer party with a large buffet or a Christmas party of a special kind? Spice up your next event with one of our cooking events or barbecue parties and experience how the team spirit that has developed has an effect.
Supplement the programme of a company excursion to Düsseldorf or other events with a cooking event or end a challenging conference with a cooking event. Whether as a thank-you for your employees after successful projects or as an incentive for future work: Experience cooking is always a great event where team members associate work with positive emotions. Your team will be delighted with the enjoyable evening and look forward to the great collaboration with colleagues on the next company project.
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Learn more?

1. Watch a video of the cooking event:

At the cooking event the team expects:

  • Greeting with a champagne reception
  • Three-, four- or five-course menu as desired
  • Beverages like an aperitif, wine white/red, water, soft drinks, coffee, beer)
  • Moderation and seminar management
  • Expert personal service at your service
  • Rent of the premises (including final cleaning)
  • Recipe folders for menu
  • Provision of rental aprons during the cooking event

Customer feedback on cooking events in KitchenLAB:

The event was really excellent. Very good food …. Very nice location …. Could not be better… Martine Put Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson)
The cooking event was carried out with great enthusiasm and motivation of all participants and was a great success. Dr. Oliver Burkhart Autoflug GmbH

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