Cooking courses and events in #STADT: Cooking as an experience for teams of 5 to 250 people during company events, company outings or team training.

Rhenish coziness: Experience cooking events in Bonn

Bonn cuisine and Rhenish coziness go hand in hand. Enjoying each other in a relaxed atmosphere quickly brings even strangers together. With the cooking events in Bonn and the KitchenLAB, you use these positive elements to connect teams between delicacies and good wine in a good community. Team building with culinary elements has a lasting effect on team performance and the optimization of working methods in future everyday life. Because even brain research proves that positive and emotional experiences successfully bring the participants together and promote learning and working with pleasure.

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The most important information about team cooking at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building Communication Teamwork

The perfect ingredients for your cooking event

In Bonn you can invite your employees to a special pleasure experience. Instead of the classic company meal at the staff table as a Christmas party or at the summer party, the high enjoyment is provided here together. From rustic “Rheinischer Sauerbraten” to international specialties, basics for beginners as well as stylish recipes at star cuisine level can be implemented at the cooking event in Bonn. The good mood and successful outcome are ensured by expert event guides who convey the learning content in an easily understandable way and promote the emotional experiences of tasting, presenting and enjoying. 
Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event
Experimenting with known and unknown foods or learning classical methods of preparation and modern molecular cuisine: The team events can be expanded in many ways and are always equally suitable for entertaining the team in a good mood during the community experiences – and forcing team building almost unnoticed. Use experience cooking in Bonn as a creative alternative to classic company celebrations or as a relaxing aspect in the programme of meetings and conferences.

Experience cooking in Bonn with small and large teams

The participants form small groups, which help to shape the menu suggestions they receive. If desired, the menu can be prepared under professional guidance or with creative experimentation. Moderations individually set the framework in which the food is presented and tasted. Fun and enjoyment thus become a successful combination, from which the team constellation benefits across groups.
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Learn more?

1. Watch a video of the cooking event:

At the cooking event the team can expect:

  • Greeting with a champagne reception
  • Three-, four- or five-course menu as desired
  • Beverages like an aperitif, wine white/red, water, soft drinks, coffee, beer)
  • Moderation and seminar management
  • Expert service personnel at your service
  • Rent of the premises (including final cleaning)
  • Recipe folders for menu
  • Provision of rental aprons during the cooking event

Customer feedback on cooking events at KitchenLAB:

The event was really excellent. Very good food …. Very nice location …. Could not be better… Martine Put Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson)
The cooking event was carried out with great enthusiasm and motivation of all participants and was a great success. Dr. Oliver Burkhart Autoflug GmbH

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