Kochkurse und Kochevents in Chemnitz: Cooking team building for teams of 5 to 250 persons during company events, company outings or team training. Food, this essential part of life, has a different face for everyone – one looks after a balanced diet, the other likes vegetarian food, likes fast food, loves home-style cuisine or prefers upscale cuisine. A cooking event in Chemnitz can enrich all these eating habits with new impulses. Because team cooking events allow cooking and team building to merge into a new experience for all participants and thus do not miss the goal.

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The most important information about team cooking at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building Communication Teamwork

A recipe idea for the cooking event in Chemnitz

The recipe for a successful team building consists of a relaxed atmosphere, a concrete task for which all the participants can be immediately warmed up, fresh, regional ingredients and a bit of time. The result is a team working together, a multi-course menu and a meal together. Experience cooking is equally suitable for small groups, individual departments and even for the entire staff of companies in every sector. Because at a team-building cooking event in Chemnitz, the focus is on simultaneously preparing all the menu components.
Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event

The cooking event in Chemnitz – good for participants, good for companies

Each team member can participate enthusiastically in the cooking experience, the goal is clearly set and its achievement is more tangible with each step. The fruits of joint success can be enjoyed immediately. This is the experience of good cooperation, communication, coordination, creativity, initiative, problem-solving, time management, leadership and the fun of doing. Team cooking can be adapted to the training objectives by adjusting the duration, the level of difficulty and the ingredients. This makes the cooking event in Chemnitz perfect as a team-building measure for new teams, for conflict resolution within teams and for improving teamwork. Cooking events can also be used to prepare or conclude large projects, as a supporting programme for company outings, meetings, and conferences as well as for internal company celebrations.

Experience cooking in Chemnitz – Chemnitz and the Erzgebirge taste like this

Chemnitz cuisine is characterized by hearty Erzgebirge cuisine. Potatoes are prepared here in a variety of ways, such as with dumplings and sweet and hearty potato pancakes. At Christmas alone, the Neunerlei is traditionally eaten more opulently, with the exception of dumplings and lentils, the other seven symbolic dishes, such as roast goose or pork, bratwurst, sauerkraut or celery, vary greatly. Typical dishes of the region are also Sauerbraten, Hackbraten, plenty of sauce, tripe soup, Getzen, Quarkkeulchen, Christstollen, Eierschecke, and Kalter Hund. The Erzgebirge kitchen consists of simple ingredients, which are combined with much creativity and is thus the ideal regional kitchen to experiment with at a cooking event in Chemnitz.
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Experience cooking in Chemnitz – team building in an all-round carefree package

When you cook in Chemnitz, our basic package includes the following services:
  • Taste experience: whether meat eater, vegan or sweet tooth, with a Cooking Event in Chemnitz everyone comes on its expense.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: team cooking can be performed in the kitchen, outdoors, at the stove, on the grill and at any time of year.
  • Cooking like the professionals: theory and practice from basics to gourmet cuisine are not neglected at a Cooking Event in Chemnitz.
  • Cooking location of your choice and team event professionals
  • Market-fresh ingredients for the menu and drinks
  • Rental aprons for the whole team
  • Recipes for taking home

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