Cooking event in Munich: Cooking courses for company events

Kochkurse und Kochevents in Hamburg: We cook with teams of any size during company events, company outings or team trainings.

Cooking events in Munich: Culinary company events, team building & company celebrations

Food is probably the most important denominator when it comes to describing cultures. While Alsace is known for its Flammkuchen, Spain is known for its tapas and the French for their various baguette preparations. The Americans invented the burger and the Germans captivate with their versatile cuisine. The cuisine of the south is characterized by dishes such as liver cheese, Maultaschen, sausage and cheese specialties, knuckle of pork on sauerkraut, Black Forest cherry cake and Bavarian finger food. The cultivated enjoyment of food is fun: the joint preparation of food even more. With our cooking event in Munich, we open up the possibility of following in the footsteps of great star chefs and preparing culinary delights under moderation. Our experience cooking in Munich can be used ideally as a team building event. Culinary team building events go through the stomach and weld groups closer together. Whether Christmas present for your partner, team building event or wedding present: experience cooking in Munich is used for different purposes.

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The most important information about team cooking at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building Communication Teamwork

Experience cooking in Munich for companies: “Bon appetit!”

Our cooking events in Munich are ideal for companies. Cooking together is suitable for company parties, department parties, company outings, company events, conferences or meetings. We organize a professional kitchen laboratory, which is cared for by expert personnel. They lead the cooking event in Munich and coordinate the communication of the team. To ensure that excellent gourmet meals are successful, we organize a star chef if required.
Too many chefs spoil the broth? In the KitchenLAB a cooking course is used as team building. The cooking event offers pure experience cooking: the teams prepare a multi-course menu together during the cooking course. In addition there is a pinch of input to the meaning of teamwork in the kitchen, descriptively underpinned with experiences of the KitchenLAB boss. This harmonious recipe for success of the ZUSAMMENSPIEL KitchenLAB turns groups into teams with an appetite for top performance! And you can taste that throughout the entire course of the cooking event. Pure enjoyment is the order of the day in the cooking studio: Corresponding wines are served with exquisite dishes. Optionally we extend the KitchenLAB with the CocktailLAB: Based on spirits, their ingredients as well as their history and that of their manufacturers, they serve as the basis for analogies to everyday working life. And here, too, it's all about interaction - not only between the ingredients of the drinks, but also within the team at the mixers...
Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event
There are no limits to the possibilities: At cooking events in Munich, you can prepare traditional German dishes as well as the finest creations of modern gastronomy. We guarantee gastronomic excellence at the highest level, with a focus on fun.
If you want to spice up your team outing with a pinch of creativity, our team cooking service is just the thing for you. In the past, our cooking events in Munich could convince all along the line.
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1. Watch a video of the cooking event:

At the cooking event the team is expecting:

  • Greeting with a champagne reception
  • Three-, four- or five-course menu as desired
  • Beverage lump sum with an aperitif, wine white/red, water, soft drinks, coffee, beer)
  • Moderation and seminar management
  • Expert service personnel at your service
  • Rent of the premises (including final cleaning)
  • Recipe folders for menu
  • Provision of rental aprons during the cooking event

Customer feedback on cooking events in KitchenLAB:

The event was really excellent. Very good food …. Very nice location …. Could not be better… Martine Put Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson)
The cooking event was carried out with great enthusiasm and motivation of all participants and was a great success. Dr. Oliver Burkhart Autoflug GmbH

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