Cooking courses and events in Osnabrück: Cooking as an experience for teams of 5 to 250 people during company events, company outings or team training.

Cooking event in Osnabrück – Juggling together with pots and pans

The interaction between colleagues is not always a piece of cake, because where different characters meet and a good communication basis is missing, problems often arise so that a project cannot be implemented satisfactorily. However, a lively exchange between employees, including constructive criticism and many creative ideas, can easily be encouraged by the managers of a company. Our cooking events in Osnabrück are well suited for this, as they teach the staff to discuss things in a relaxed atmosphere and to find common solutions.

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The most important information about team cooking at a glance:



2-4 hours



5-250 Persons



Team building Communication Teamwork

Cooking team building in Osnabrück – Events for every occasion

Cooking team building in Osnabrück is in principle possible at any company event. Simply describe to us for which occasion – whether incentive, company party or conference – and in which location you need our KitchenLAB and we will draw up an individual plan for a cooking event in Osnabrück for you and your team. It doesn’t matter whether your employees are vegetarians, normally only cook ready-made meals or are among the best hobby chefs in Germany. We provide materials and ingredients for both beginners and advanced chefs. Furthermore, our cooking events in Osnabrück are always accompanied by a professional cook.
Dessert preparation in cooking class during cooking event

Cooking event in Osnabrück – discover Lower Saxony’s cuisine together

When you contact us, you can agree with us whether you would like to prepare international dishes or rather stay connected to your home country.
For example, if your company is located in Osnabrück, it would be a great idea to use regional ingredients to produce Lower Saxony specialities. Traditionally, you and your colleagues could prepare kale with potatoes and smoked pork, for example, but pee would also go well with this and of course a genuine beer from Lower Saxony is also a must. For dessert there could then be a creamy Welf pudding. If your mouth is already watering and you would like to prepare these dishes with your staff at a cooking event in Osnabrück, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Cooking event in Osnabrück – Book our basic package

For experience cooking in Osnabrück, our basic package includes the following services:
  • We would like to get you in the mood for the cooking event Osnabrück with a glass of champagne
  • Create a delicious 3-course menu together with your colleagues
  • Aperitif, soft drinks, our house wine (white or red), water, beer as well as coffee are already included in the beverage lump sum
  • The location will be professionally cleaned by us after the cooking team building
  • A dedicated moderator accompanies the event
  • Our friendly service staff is also at your disposal
  • After the Osnabrück cooking event you will receive folders with all recipes
  • Furthermore, a rental apron is also included in the package

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