Escape the Room: Team Building with Thrills

escape-the-room-exit-the-room-teambuilding The task at this team building event: Escape the Room. Locked in a mysterious room and the clock is ticking! Tick! Tack! You have to leave the room before the time is zero. But how?
gps-schnitzeljagd-geoaching-rallye-drehbuchThe only help you have are yourself, your colleagues, your mind and all the bizarre things you can find in this room.
A well working team building has a recipe for success, a mechanism by which team building succeeds.But are these really just bizarre things?
gps-schnitzeljagd-geoaching-rallye-routenvorbereitungOr is behind the chaos a system that needs to be decoded?
zusammenspiell-teambuilding-kontakt-ufrufThis Exit Game “Escape the Room” is about discovering and decrypting clues.
gps-schnitzeljagd-geoaching-rallye-raetsel-puzzel Why is 1.1.1970 marked in the calendar? Is this a reference to the combination of numbers for the safe or is it just the kidnapper’s wedding anniversary? As a team, it’s your job to find out. According to which principle were words marked in the lexicon? Which switch operates which lamp and why? Where is the key hidden? What tools will help you escape? 1000 questions, one room, one mission, one team and lots of excitement. kooperation-kommunikation-kreativitaet-motivationOnly through clever combination and the cooperation of all team members, it is possible to survive this team building challenge and to escape the room in time.


There are different game variations for the team challenge Escape the Room. The event can be held at different locations and can revolve around different stories. It can also be perfectly combined with other activities or professional training. Here is a small selection:

Depending on the agenda, different time windows are available for a team event. Therefore different formats are available and many event ideas can be varied in their duration.The Bomb

Not only must you be able to open the door and leave the room in time, a second threat is imminent: before the end of time, the bomb must also be defused. But which cable has to be cut? Blue like violets, red like roses or yellow like daffodils. Maybe you’ll find the answer in one of the many books. But in which and on which side, only the room provides information.

teambuilding-goals-teamdevelopment-teamspiritThe psychopath

At this team building, you are locked in the basement of a madman and you know he will come back soon. But even the madman loves the challenge and has left you some puzzles to outwit his security system. If you’re smart enough. Of course, he doesn’t make it easy for his victims but maybe wrenches and Erlenmeyer flasks have their purpose for escape after all.



The team building event Escape the Room should be as exciting as possible, but the team is never alone. The ZUSAMMENSPIEL team building coaches and the team in the “Room” can contact each other at any time. Depending on the agreement, the ZUSAMMENSPIEL trainer will provide assistance as soon as he thinks it makes sense or only when the team explicitly asks him to do so.

Depending on the agenda, different time windows are available for a team event. Therefore different formats are available and many event ideas can be varied in their duration.

The procedure

15 minutes before the start of the event, the participants will be briefed in detail by the ZUSAMMENSPIEL coaches on the upcoming task. Afterwards, they are locked into the room. Now the team building applies: Escape the Room. Within the given time the team has to solve all puzzles and escape from the room. Then it continues to the next stage of the team building event or to the common reflection about the cooperation and communication of the team within the Escape the Room scenario.

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