10 Missions for Geocaching Team Building Event

Geocaching Team Building: The whole world as a playing field!

What does a GPS scavenger hunt or a geocaching event offer for team building, incentive or company outing? We answer these questions on the following pages. Learn more about the geocaching variants, GPS devices and possible venues and event locations. The GPS Rallye is a modern form of the well-known scavenger hunt - but through the integration of the latest technology the traditional game becomes an interactive online game.Geocaching events are a playful adventure for groups of all sizes. With the help of GPS devices, team spirit and brain, modern treasure hunters navigate to hidden and secret places that hold intelligent challenges and puzzles in store. Solving a task gives you an indication of the next waypoint, which provides the next challenge on the way to your destination. In any case a tricky mission. Geocaching is always an exciting challenge as a company outing, as team building or as a supporting program during a conference, where teams of all kind get their money’s worth. A playful city tour with start at the conference hotel and finish at the restaurant of the evening event? ZUSAMMENSPIEL’s CityCaches can be booked in and around all German cities. An agent rally with individual content? ZUSAMMENSPIEL develops the right mission. Do you want to bring a team closer to dealing with responsibility? Geocaching “Cache IN/Trash OUT” as a sustainable CSR event could be the solution – because waste from nature is collected as a competition. From this, the team can then build a raft to cross the lake. The possibilities for geocaching are unlimited.

Geocaching events and GPS rallies

Varied missions in every place.

Geocaching events are available in numerous exciting variations: Whether as a cooperation game, or as a competition, as an opaque criminal case, or as a corporate social responsibility measure, short CSR event – an event in the course of which the participants demonstrate social responsibility – geocaching events always send teams on a mission. Is your team a mixed team of old hands and young vegetables? We have challenges in the store that combine experience and knowledge with new media. Everyone has to contribute their strengths in order to achieve a goal together in the truest sense of the word.

Geocaching Team Building ideas in many variations

The most important facts about geocaching events at a glance

What is GPS? Is the trip addictive?

Geocaching-what-is-gps-rally-how-does-it-workThe Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system based on 24 satellites, which was initially set up for navigation for military purposes. A GPS device uses the position of several satellites to determine its position – we use this technology for GPS rallies – and these rallies have addictive potential.

What happens at the Geocaching Event?

Geocaching-event-geocache-find-company tripGeocaching is a playful adventure for groups of any size. With the help of GPS devices, the modern treasure hunters locate hidden places that hold intelligent challenges in store. The solution of a task indicates the next waypoint. In this way, the teams fight their way closer to the common goal.

Where are geocaching events located?

Geocaching-team-event-teambuilding-companyeventThe adventure character of geocaching is always challenging – both in the urban jungle as well as in the open nature with field or forest trails. Theoretically, a geocache can be developed at any location – what we passionately do. We also have numerous geocaching adventures for small and large teams.

How do team building and team development succeed in an event?

geocaching-teambuilding-teambuilding-teamforming-together-teamspiritThe trackers know their mission: The way is the goal! And to achieve this common goal, communication, creativity, and a cohesive, cooperative team are required. This is the way to celebrate a joint success at the end of the journey with a recipe for success based on staying power and a good pinch of team spirit.

What topics can geocaching process?

Short Answer: All. We integrate concrete statements and abstract topics, e.g. corporate caches use product features or strategy content, crime caches use historical events about the history of the city and authentic criminal cases, and the “Cache Culinaria” deals with the meaning and history of food and ingredients, their history and entertaining events in the past.

In addition, special team and group dynamic problems and “stumbling blocks” give the team the impetus to learn and test effective cooperation during the geocaching event. Our qualified trainers coach the team if necessary to a successful solution of the tasks. In addition, the team is completely on its own and must identify and apply its strengths.

Geocaching Team-Events and GPS-Rallies by ZUSAMMENSPIEL:

Geocaching as company event: Welcome to the premier class of outdoor events Whether GPS rally, geocaching challenge or tablet tour, this team building event guarantees excitement, lots of fun and unique group experience. This team event is much more than a digital scavenger hunt because the integration of state-of-the-art navigation and communication technology creates a playful experience, which merges the online world and reality in a fast-paced adventure.
  • Classic Cache: Searching for clues together.
  • Krimi Cache: Investigator teams track down the perpetrator.
  • Smart crime thriller Cache: With heads and tablets searching for clues in the swamp of crime.
  • Tablett: The exciting interactive Multi-Team-Scenario.
  • Cache me if you can: The ultimate agent hunt on the opponent.
  • Cache in Trash Out: The CSR event with responsibility for flora and fauna
  • Seasonal and Cultural Geocaches
  • Food Cache: Hunters and gatherers in the urban jungle
  • Corporates Caches: Individual business solutions
  • Cache on Wheels: Geocaching without a Footprint
  • Framework program for geocaching
The geocaching formats, GPS rallies and event ideas listed in the overview are possible throughout Germany: in and around Frankfurt, the entire Rhine-Main region, the Taunus, Wiesbaden, Mainz, and Heidelberg, etc. But also in the Wild West in Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf or Bochum challenges await conquerors. Basel, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart, Zurich and further European cities and their environment offer best conditions for conferences and can be explored during a Geocaching Events or team buildings. The team can playfully explore the game and deliver a high degree of quality in the encounters.
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