Smart crime cache: many heads = many little heads?


A murder case in the media age puts the investigators team in a precarious situation: Only they can protect the city centre from a lurking danger.

Equipped with smartphones, tablets or iPads, the team’s hunt for the culprit begins – and at the same time a race against time. Communication, creativity and coordination during the target-oriented action as a team are indispensable for the solution of this case, because only together the clues can be found and condensed.


The ZUSAMMENSPIEL Geocaching team building is a smart thriller that enjoys great enthusiasm in all cities, as teams of all sizes set off on discovery tours and each city offers exciting sides that we condense in the GPS rallies.

During the Geocaching team building event the team learns a lot about itself and its strengths during the exploration of the terrain.



The group solves a case together, the course of events and the frame story of the murder are determined together.


Puzzles and turn statements are transmitted in the form of instructions, voice and screen messages via the mobile devices.


The teams interact with each other via various interludes. This strengthens teamwork but ensures contact between team members.

Our services

The geocaching team events with roadbooks, GPS devices and experienced geocaching guides, worked out down to the smallest detail, make the ZUSAMMENSPIEL Smart Crime Geocaching Event a fast-paced experience for the participants. The flexible contexts about historical references or fictitious stagings from novels and films offer numerous starting points for your Geocaching Team Event .

Frequently booked in package:

  • This event becomes a consistent act with a crime thriller dinner
  • Determination in medieval traditional costumes with subsequent feast
  • Integration of the Smart Crime Cache into a medieval city tour
  • Team BBQ with cook and delicacies from the grill
  • Geocaching conference package
  • Geocaching Training Package
  • Overnight stay and social program
  • Film and photo documentation
  • Integration of further event formats
Das Teambuilding Geocaching ist ein besonderes Outdoor Event: Das Team muss in Mannschaften Rätsel entlang eines Parcours lösen. bei der GPS-Schnitzeljagd geht es im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes über Stock und Stein.Teambuilding-geocaching-gps-rallye-zusammenspiel
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