Set sail with Zusammenspiel Team Building! There is hardly a team event that combines our demands on good team building, fun and shared experiences better than the sailing event SailAway.

Here effective teamwork is learned under real conditions and applied directly. It is not for nothing that the Alinghi team has been the subject of several scientific studies on team play. You will be surprised at the high performance your employees at sea are capable of. Zusammenspiel Team Events is on site with its trainers and ensures that you can apply these top performances in your daily work.

Cast off for the Sailing Team Building Event SailAway:

What is the idea behind the Sailing Team Event?

Professional sailing teams are high-performance teams who, according to scientific research, can also apply the skills they excel in sailing to other areas of life. Of course, this made us curious and after several discussions and some development work, we developed a concept for the interplay of Sailing Team Event SailAway. With this team building event, we try to teach your team in the shortest possible time exactly the skills that make the Alinghi team so successful. This includes blind understanding, planning techniques, the basics of interpersonal communication and its application as well as a self-image of shared motivation. Send individuals sailing with us and get them well-trained team workers back into the company.

For which company events is the Sailing Team Building Event meant?

The sailing event can be used variably according to requirements. If you look at the skills taught, the Sail Team Building can be used for all forms of personal development, which aim at an improvement of teamwork or workflow. This includes, for example, personal development in the areas of

  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal communication and interaction

In addition, the sailing event offers excellent opportunities for use as an incentive. With or without special team building measures it offers a high fun factor and can become an unforgettable team event for your employees through breathtaking locations. Contact us for an individual consultation on the application possibilities of the SailAway sailing event.

How is the Sailing Team Event organized?

First of all our team building coaches go to the language school. Because without a common sailing language you are doomed to failure at a sailing event. Afterward, your employees will learn all the necessary basics to set sail in team building. Then it’s time to set sail and test the basics together. Together we cross water, whether Lake Constance or the Mediterranean makes hardly any difference.

How does teamwork work in a Sailing Team Building Event?

 width=One wheel has to reach into the other at a sailing team event. The participants of the sailing event learn to give commands correctly and to position themselves in the group. They recognize strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others. The trainers of Zusammenspiel Team Events help to identify them and give tips to use them optimally. The experience-oriented environment during sailing avoids conflicts in the learning process, improves the learning speed and facilitates the processing of the contents. Thus, the Sailing Team Building Event can be used as an excellent playful test platform for contents previously conveyed in workshops.

The effect of the sailing event

Whether as a team building measure for employee development or simply as an incentive for employee remuneration, the sailing event SailAway will convince you. The possibilities for imparting important competencies in the areas of communication, teamwork, project management, and interpersonal interaction are almost unlimited with the team building variant of the sailing event. See for yourself what your employees are capable of. As an incentive, the sailing event has always met with a positive response from all participants. Especially the sailing events in the Mediterranean region offer excellent locations to convey your appreciation to your employees. But wonderful days can also be spent at Lake Constance or Lake Starnberg. We will be happy to advise you personally on locations and different effects that the sailing event SailAway can unfold especially for your requirements.

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