Celebrate every occasion like a summer party! From the premium gala to the casual family BBQ It is time, at the very latest, to start planning the next summer party when the cold season is slowly but surely coming to an end. Outside it is getting warmer again and summer is just around the corner. Company celebrations, club celebrations, company events or family celebrations – summer celebrations are an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better outside the familiar surroundings in sunshine and in a relaxed atmosphere, to thank colleagues for their joint performance, to strengthen the feeling of belonging or to gather family and friends for a joint celebration.

A summer party with the family

There are many reasons to gather the family in one place for a common family celebration. Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, or just for the annual family celebration because nowadays you just don’t see each other often enough. A company event as a summer party with family members offers the employer the opportunity to thank the families of his employees for their support and to introduce themselves better. And as different as organizations and companies are, so diverse can the summer parties look for their staff and their employees.

“Employees only” or with “Family & Friends?

Depending on the size and occasion, you can organize a picnic or a barbecue together, book live music or a DJ, furthermore games or set up bouncy castles or play stations for the youngest, and face painting. Summer festivals also often take place directly on the company premises – for example, we celebrated the good inauguration of the Rosbach Springs with a concert with Nena, a huge water box labyrinth and over 16,000 guests. Summer festival in the company A summer party offers the opportunity to thank employees and colleagues for their work and at the same time to gather new ideas, energy, and motivation for the common challenges of the future. At an internal summer party, only with employees (and possibly families), the focus is usually on strengthening team spirit and a sense of belonging. If you also invite business partners or customers, a summer party naturally also offers the opportunity to present your company from its best side and to organize a summer party that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Summer party with colleagues

At a joint barbecue or picnic, far away from everyday work and office life, you can get to know your colleagues and employees a little better and form new bonds. A summer party is also the right place for a motivating speech by the management, in which the common past and future, common achievements, goals, and challenges can be reflected upon. This not only motivates but also increases the sense of togetherness. Whether you decide on music, games or team activities is of course up to you and depends on the type and the desired goal of the summer party. Of course, a summer party can also be organized as a combination of various small or large team events, which present your employees with new tasks to be mastered together and only end in the evening with a joint meal. The beautiful weather should always be used for special outdoor activities as long as you can. Some ideas for such team activities are for example:
  • Summertime with raft building: In joint raft building, you can gather new experiences together and have lots of fun. You can choose between different types of rafts (simple and effective from barrels or rather pompous Viking ships?) and decide whether you would rather organize a race or a joint raft trip, one way or the other, success is guaranteed. Those who prefer to simply step on board cannot miss a sailing trip or a canoe trip through nature.
  • Summerfest with Pit-Stop at the soapbox race: For those who want to make their summer party a little more exciting, a soapbox race is particularly suitable. When the weather is good, you can race together as a team in self-made constructions for the weather. That calls (hobby) engineers, craftsmen, project managers, designers, break pilots and daredevils on the plan and offers all ingredients for an unforgettable common experience.
  • Summertime geocaching in motion: If you prefer to be on the move and use the summer festival to discover new things, you should consider a geocaching tour. Equipped with GPS devices, the teams are confronted with new tasks, which have to be mastered together. One can discover a new city playfully, set out on the traces of history, discover new culinary specialties during a pleasure marathon, solve a curious criminal case or simply experience nature, there are no limits to the possibilities here.
  • Summer party with the world drill champion in the BBQ-Kitchen-Lab: If you don’t just want to barbecue at your summer party, but want to celebrate barbecuing as the supreme discipline, you can do so at a BBQ Kitchen Lab. Barbecuing together with real barbecue professionals will teach you new tricks that will impress friends and acquaintances for the rest of the summer as well. The competition between the teams will show who the true grill masters are. Of course, there are also many other culinary adventures for the fewer BBQ enthusiasts that you can explore in a Kitchen Lab.
  • Summer festival with the chain reaction: When planning, devising and constructing a chain reaction, not only manual skill and creativity are required, but also resource management, project planning, time management, as well as functioning communication and improvisation when it comes to creating a fluid chain reaction as a team.
Of course, you can combine these different ideas: why not organize a geocaching tour, where the different teams have to collect everything for an extensive picnic? Or after a raft regatta or a sailing turn, learn new grill tricks together and end the evening relaxed after work. We are happy to advise you and take care of the planning for your individual, unforgettable summer party.
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